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Black Friday 2017 Haul- JcPenny’s

While shopping during Black Friday, I decided to stop by JcPenny’s to see if they had a sweater that I liked on sale. Not only did they have the sweater I wanted on sale, I also found a purse in the style I wanted and a pair of boots in a style I wanted to try wearing.

The sweater I wanted was this baby blue sweater with ties on the sleeves…

I had my eye on this sweater for weeks and almost bought it twice. I ended up not buying it the second time because I wanted to see if I could get it for less money on Black Friday. It ended up working out for me because the sweater was on sale, but if it was not on sale I still planned on buying it anyway.

While wandering around the store, I found this purse on sale…

I’ve been on the hunt for a cross body purse like this for about a year. I had one similar to this one, but I used it so much it fell apart. Since then, I have hunted for a new purse to replace it. Unfortunately, this style isn’t as popular for purse at Target, the place I got my original one, anymore. I did find ones that kind of worked, but they were not as big as my old one. This purse looks like my old one, and is as large as it as well. So, I bought it! I can’t wait to start using it.

The last item I bought at JcPenny’s is this pair of boots…

I had Chelsea boots before, but they always had heels. I really like the way the heeled version of the Chelsea boots looked on me, but I never liked the way the flat version looked on me. This year I want to try different fashions I wouldn’t normally wear, so I bought a pair of flat Chelsea boots to see if I’d like them more than the heeled version. I have yet to wear them out, but I’m excited to see how they work out!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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