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New DIY Wall Art Idea? Painting Over Photographs Printed on Canvas to Look Like Art

As the title of this post suggests, I have been debating if I should paint over photographs printed on canvases. I came up with this idea months ago. It was an idea I made up while looking at digital download packs of fine art. I wanted to own a replica of the art to hang on my wall, but I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for an official reproduction. At that time I dismissed the idea because I didn’t want to risk creating an illegal copy of the art. (It probably wouldn’t be considered one, especially since I wanted to use it for personal use, but why bother risking it?) Still, the idea stayed with me.

Recently, I decided I would like to print a photograph I took on a canvas. I have many photographs that I believe can, and should, be displayed in my home. It is hard to pick one. While browsing my photographs, I realized I could print one of these photographs on a canvas and paint over it!

The idea for to create it is simple: Have my photograph printed onto canvas, pick up the canvas, and paint over it with acrylic paint. The idea is not to change the way the photograph looks. Instead, it is to add texture, and correct any color and contrast problems, to the canvas print. The idea is to make the print look like it was painting. Not a print.

I like the idea a lot. I don’t paint, but I always wanted to hang my own painting on my walls. This is a great way for me to work around my lack of painting talent!

Even though I like this idea, I have been worried about how well it will turn out. I also couldn’t decide on the photograph I want to print on canvas. The idea fell at the waist side until I recently decided to do some redecorating.

I purchased a large canvas from Goodwill last year. It was originally from Ross Dress for Less and it still had the original sale tags on it. I wanted a picture like it for years, but I never found one I actually liked. When I saw the canvas, I knew it was the one. I purchased it, but didn’t use it until earlier this month.

While taking the packaging off it, I saw something that looked like food or soda splashes on it. I looked it over, realized I can clean it off easily, so I did. And that was when some of the print came off on my rag! After pondering, and pouting, about this, I realized I could use my idea to paint over a canvas print to brighten the colors! I immediately felt better about cleaning it and removing some of the print off the canvas.

As of now, I have yet to work on the canvas. I didn’t remove as much print as I thought I would, so I hung it up anyway. It looks good, but I still wonder if it would look better if I paint the canvas. I still haven’t decided if I will move forward in painting it or purchase a different canvas and try it on it. I need more time to think about it and what amount of customization I actually fell comfortable doing to canvas prints.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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