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Bath and Body Works Firework Pop In Store Photographs

The 4th of July is next week! I am excited because it means a few days off and fireworks! Earlier this month, I decided to get into the 4th of July celebratory sprit by wearing or purchasing some patriotic inspired clothes, decor, and other things. One of those other things was a bottle of Bath and Body Works’s Firecracker Pop shower gel.

I loved Firecracker Pop a lot, but I haven’t owned a bottle of it for years. When I found out Firecracker Pop returned to Bath and Body Works, I decided to buy a bottle of the shower gel to use this summer. Earlier this month, I went to Bath and Body Works to see their semi annual sale as well as buy a bottle of Firecracker Pop. I was able to take photographs of the section of the store dedicated to the Firecracker Pop products as well as a few other 4th of July inspired scents.

This is what the Firecracker Pop section looked like…

On the opposite side of of this display was the summertime scents that weren’t on sale during the Semi Annual Sale. I talked about them in a different post. You can read that post here.


In the area where Firecracker Pop was located was a display card that mentioned the fragrance’s scent notes…

I noticed other cards around the store that also talk about the scent notes of other fragrances. I am really happy Bath and Body Works has these. It makes looking for the right scent notes much easier!

I was there to purchase a bottle of shower gel, but I couldn’t help but look around to see what other items were for sale. There was a candle version of Firecracker Pop that looked interesting. Yet, the candle holder really caught my eye!


It was so pretty! It had a metallic shine to it, but it wasn’t like a mirror. I didn’t need a candle holder, but it was so pretty I wondered if I might like to buy one for displaying in my house. (I decided not to buy one during my shopping trip. I wanted to save my money for something else!)

Even though the section was dedicated to Firecracker Pop, there was another 4th of July inspired scent for sale. It was called Firecracker Fizz…

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice anything else on display that was 4th of July inspired. Also, the only product I saw in this area was the hand soap. I also didn’t try the scent, so I don’t really know what it smelled like!

Back to the Firecracker Pop products, there were fine fragrance mists, lotions, and hand sanitizers. Even though they looked interesting, the item I found most interesting was a lip gloss with the scent Firecracker Pop…

I didn’t buy a tube of it, but it was fun to see what other products included the Firecracker Pop scent!


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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