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Sun Bum Sun Care Haul- June 2023

During a shopping trip to a grocery store I frequent, I discovered they sold Sun Bum products there. I wanted to try some different sunscreen products than the ones I already own and Sun Bum was one of the brands I wanted to try. After browsing the sun care area of the store, I settled on purchasing three Sun Bum sun care items. I debated if it would be worth mentioning these three products on my blog, but after using the sunscreen, I decided it would be worth it!

The first item I purchased is the Sun Bum Premium Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 50…

The sunscreen is also available in SPF 30. I picked the SPF 50 because I need extra protection from the sun!

I am struggling trying to find a non mineral based sunscreen. All the other sunscreens I tried make me break out in a rash. This one is advertised as being hypoallergenic, which made me want to try it. When I purchased it, I applied it to my skin in the car for the drive home. So far it has really worked well! I am very excited to continue using it in the future!

The next item I purchased is a bottle of Sun Bum Conditioner…

Sadly, my photograph of the conditioner was blurry. Sorry about that!

My current conditioner is really nice and I like it a lot. The only problem is it doesn’t have any SPF to it. I have problems with my hair and the sun lightens it and damages it. I tried to use conditioner with SPF in the past, but I didn’t like the way they worked on my hair. Sun Bum was one of the brands I wanted to try conditioner from. I ended up giving up and didn’t bother trying to find a bottle of Sun Bum conditioner. Since then, my hair health has changed and now I want to try conditioner with SPF again. When I saw a bottle of Sun Bum conditioner available for purchase, I decided to pick up a bottle to see how it works with my hair.

The last item I purchased is another bottle of conditioner for blonde hair…

I can’t dye or bleach my hair, (Too many allergies to the products and hair problems in general!) so if I want to have blonde hair, I need to wear a wig. Years ago, when I used to use a blonde wig more often than I do today, I would use Sun Bum’s blonde purple conditioner. The conditioner had a purple hue to it and has an SPF in it as well. I would use it to protect the wig hair from sun damage and to help keep the blonde color of the wig hair look better. Today, I am considering using a blonde wig again. Also, I have light streaks in my hair from the sun bleaching my natural hair has suffered from. I want to try it on my real hair to protect my natural hair from the sun and make the bleached hair look better. Also, I enjoyed using this conditioner on my blonde wigs more than other hair conditioners. So, picking up a bottle will be used one way or another!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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