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5 Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is the most popular day to show someone you care about how much they mean to you. Even though people don’t want to hold back in showering someone with gifts, it isn’t always the wisest, budget friendly decision. Even though finances are tight this year, consider showing that special someone with these five budget friendly gifts.

Homemade Sweets

Homemade sweets is a great gift to give to someone on Valentine’s Day. Not only is this a great gift for someone you are in love with, it is also a great present for anyone you want to show how much you appreciate them. In addition to the the budget friendly nature of making them from scratch, different recipes can be used for certain nutritional needs. Examples include gluten free cookies, sugar free cookies, dairy free cookies, ect.


Cook Your Own Romantic Meal

If you can cook, consider avoiding a restaurant for Valentine’s Day and cook your special someone a homemade meal. This is not only a budget friendly romantic gesture, it also takes away the worry of finding a seat in a potentially crowded restaurant.


Go to a Discount Movie Theater

Going on a date to a discount movie theater for Valentine’s Day can be hit or miss, especially since they have a reputation of being dodgy, shady places where cleanliness is questionable. Yet, there are some out there that are very nice, well kept theaters. If you want to take someone to the theater for Valentine’s Day, but want to keep to a budget, look for discount theaters with reviews mentioning their cleanliness. Also, make sure these reviews are recent, no more than a few months old. Another bonus for discount movie theaters is they sometimes show older movies during certain times of the year. Check their schedule and see if they will be showing an older romantic movie for Valentine’s Day.


Day Trip to a Small Town

If you want to take someone on a trip, but can’t afford traveling to somewhere exotic and romantic, consider a day trip to a small town. Plan on taking them to a town within driving distance of where you live. Make sure the town has shops to browse, museums to look at, and a restaurant to go to. If you want to, you can plan to spend the night there. This is the most expensive idea on this list, but it if your heart is set on going on a trip for Valentine’s Day, this is a very budget friendly alternative.


Buy a Plushie at a Second Hand Store or Buy It and Flowers at a Dollar Store

If you want to give someone flowers and a plushie for Valentine’s Day, but need to watch your budget, consider buying a plushie and flowers from a different store. A second hand/charity/Goodwill sometimes have plushies available for purchase for less money than what you may pay in a store. Even though this could be much cheeper than at a store, you may need to clean the plushie before giving it away. Sometimes, these plushies are not clean. So, to be safe than sorry, clean the plushie before giving it away. If your want to purchase a new plushie or purchase a plushie and flowers, consider going to a dollar store. Locations can be hit or miss when it comes to seasonal decor due to their popularity and budget friendly prices, so don’t be upset if you can’t find what you’re looking for.


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