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Bath and Body Works Bahama Body Wash Review

While browsing a Bath and Body Works store, I discovered they had the scent Bahama available for spring 2021. I thought I already owned the body wash, so I went home and searched through my Bath and Body Works body wash stock pile. I did find a bottle of Bahamas body wash I purchased in 2020 during the summer semi annual sale. Inspired by the new version of Bahamas, I decided to use the bottle already in my collection and, if I liked it, review it.Here is what the 2020 bottle and label of Bahamas looks like…

The 2020 bottle smells exactly the same as the 2021 bottles. The listing for Bahamas on Bath and Body Work’s website describes the scent as…

A fruity blend of passionfruit, pineapple leaves and banana flower for island hopping where the beaches are stunning and the waters are crystal clear.

I really love this scent. It makes me think of eating fruit on tropical vacation. It’s also one of my favorite summertime scents Bath and Body Work has. I love washing with it, and using the body spray, and smelling it on my skin. For me, the scent stays a long time on my skin. In fact, it stays longer on my skin than any other body wash I tried at Bath and Body Works. Also, the scent continues to have a pleasant scent on my skin. Other body washes, and perfumes, don’t smell nice on my skin after a while, but Bahamas does. This is due to my skin oils reacting nicely to the fragrance notes, but that why Bahamas impresses me so much. It’s hard for me to find a fragrance that does this every time I use it.

Even though I love the scent, I’m trying to use more body washes that are more friendly to my allergies. Unfortunately, using the Bahamas body wash every day aggravates my allergies. The body spray seems to not aggravate my allergies as much, (Most likely because the scent wears off easier on my skin than the body wash does) but I still need to use the body spray some more before I’m completely convinced. Since my allergies dictate what scents, body washes, and other things I can and cannot do or expose myself to, I cannot use my beloved Bahamas body wash like I want to.

Despite this, I highly recommend this body wash. It is great for anyone who love floral fragrances with citrus notes. Just make sure you don’t have allergies that will be bothered by it!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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