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Book Review- The Best Man Plan by Jaci Burton

Recently, I started to finish reading all the books I started but never finished. After looking through the books I already started, I decided to finish reading The Best Man Plan by Jaci Burton first. I saw the book originally for sale on Amazon in April 2020, but I purchased a paperback copy at Walmart in the Spring/Summer of 2020. The plot summary on Amazon interested me and, even though I figured it could be more risky than I like my novels, especially romance novels, to be, I decided to give it a try.

The Best Man Plan is a romance novel by Jaci Burton and is part of the Boots and Bouquets series. The Best Man Plan is about Erin Bellini, one of three daughters that works in the wedding and party planning division of the family vineyard. Two days before her wedding, her fiance breaks up with her in an email. Even though she is hurt, she decides to have a fling with the best man, veterinarian Jason Callum. Jason, who loved Erin and thought he missed his chance to be with Erin, decides to take the relationship more slowly than Erin in order to not hurt her. Even though Erin believed the fling wasn’t supposed to be serious, she slowly began to fall in love with Jason. Despite this, she still questioned her feelings and wonder if she really can trust her feelings, especially after her her fiance broke up with her.

The book is well written and told the story of Erin and Jason’s relationship in a way that kept the attention of the reader. The characters are well developed and the plot is interesting as well. Burton not only told the story of Erin and Jason’s romance, as I was afraid the novel’s plot would be, but also current events in the character’s lives as well. The novel also discussed characters and their lives in other novels in the Boots and Bouquets series. These character including Erin’s sister and an employee at the vineyard Erin’s family runs. that will be the main characters in the next book in the series, The Engagement Arrangement.

Even though I enjoyed the book, there are a few drawbacks for me. First, there are sex scenes. Many readers of romance novels don’t mind this, but I personally do. I figured The Best Man Plan would have sex scenes in the novel, but, because I usually read romance novels that don’t have sex scenes or romance novels at all, I was surprised by them. I was able to flip a few pages, skin read the page to see if the sex scene was still taking place, then continue flipping pages until the scene was over. Although the scenes was not something that I enjoyed reading, they ended by the end of the chapter. Because of this, I was able to accurately predict when the scenes are over by going to the end of the chapter and pick up reading the next chapter.

Also, there are cursing. I’m not shy about reading curse words in a novel, but it was a surprise to see the characters curse. I know there are romance novel readers that will be bothered by this, so I wanted to mention this.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. Although I didn’t like the more intimate scenes of the novel, I enjoyed it enough to finish it. I recommend this book, but only if you don’t mind intimate scenes and characters cursing in the novel. Also, this book would be great for anyone interested in reading a modern day country/western inspired romance novel.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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