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5 Home Items I Want To Buy Before I Move (And Why)

For quite some time, I talked about moving into my own home and, I won’t lie, I still have no idea when I’m going to move from my current home. I have an idea where I should move to (And why) but I’m still not 100% sure about these plans. The reason is because, like many in the world right now, the pandemic has thrown my plans in the air. Even though I’m not sure what I’m ultimately going to move to, I already made a metal list of all the items I will need to buy for my future home. I’m in the process of narrowing down the list to I want to buy first and which ones I want to hold off buying until I move. Since I’m so excited to buy things for my future house, I wanted to list five of the home items I want to buy before I move as well as why I want to buy them first.

Towels and Wash Cloths

I will need towels and wash clothes when I move to my new house, but I also need them right now as well. For years I used my relative’s towels and wash cloths, but they are starting to look worn and old. Because of this, I plan to buy my relative new towels and wash clothes… and also shop for myself at the same time. Fortunately, I recently found many amazing sales on high quality towels and wash cloths, so I already bought my relative and myself new towels and wash cloths.


Bed Sheets, Pillows, Comforters, and Throw Pillows

In addition to buying towels and wash cloths, I also found bed sheets, pillows, comforters, and throw pillows on sale. My relative doesn’t need new bedding, so I’ve bought myself quite a few items for my bedroom in my future house. I don’t normally decorate my bed or make it look nice with a nice comforter and throw pillows, so I’m very happy to have them available for me to use without running to stores to find them and buy them.


Plates, Cups, and Silverware

When I move, I really want to have plates, cups, and silverware already purchased and ready to be washed and used. Because of this, I decided to buy plates, cups, and silverware before I move. Also, because I’m shopping so early, I can browse for the design and style I want the most and, if I’m patent and lucky enough, find them on sale.


Pots and Pans

Another item I want to have already purchased when I move is cooking pots and pans. I cook a lot, so I want to have a good set of pots and pans. Pots and pans can be very expensive, so in order to find the best sale prices, looking for and buying them before I move is important. Also, because I’m buying them well before I move, I can research the best pots and pans, how well they wear, and what their prices are.



The final home item I want to buy is a new vacuum. I wanted to buy a vacuum for years, but I didn’t need one until the past two years. Now that I need a vacuum, I want to buy myself one and use it to clean the parts of my house that I use the most. I would love to buy a Dyson corded vacuum, but I need to save up to buy one. In the mean time, I’m using a Dirt Devil I purchased at Walmart. It works great, but I think I will give it to my relative when I leave and buy myself a Dyson to use in my house instead.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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