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6 Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day Alone

I have celebrated many Valentine’s Day alone. Some have been easier to celebrate than others. Today, I know I spent all those Valentine’s Days alone for a good reason: To learn more about myself and what kind of love I’m looking for.

In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, I decided to write posts about relationships and love. Not just love from a stand point of couples, but love of others, self, and for anything that makes someone feel happy. For this post, I wanted to talk about six tips for celebrate Valentine’s Day alone. I want this post to be optimistic, so I tried to write every tip from the stand point of moving into the next year cycle without someone important while not giving up on love. I hope it inspires anyone who spends Valentine’s Day alone to not give up hope!

Stop Worrying About Your Relationship Problems

You’ve probably heard this before, and are sick and tired of it, but it’s true. Stop worrying about your relationship problems. No, it’s not easy to spend Valentine’s Day, which is a very hype romantic day of the year, without thinking about relationships or lack there of. Yet, it can still be done. If romance weighs too heavily on your mind, try this: Set a timer for 5, 10, 15, 30, or an hour or so and spend it doing something non romantic. It could be anything from cleaning the house, working in a garden (Depending on your weather forecast), exercise, cooking, doing the laundry, or anything else that makes you focus on what you’re doing while letting yourself be in thought. Then, force yourself to think during that whole entire duration of time not about romance, but about other things. Such as science, the weather, or anything else that comes to your mind. If you have a hard time keeping yourself on track, then write a list before you do this of all the things to think about that have nothing to do with your relationships or romance. You may not be able to listen to music while doing this because of the amount of songs about romance. Once the timer sounds, then you can go back to thinking about your relationship problems. By doing this, it give your mind and body a break from what it used to think about. That way, when you do think about your relationship problems, you will go into it with a clearer mindset. It also helps alleviate the worries about it as well.


Do Things You Enjoy

On Valentine’s Day, try to do things you enjoy doing. Send your free time working on your hobbies. Read a book. Go for a walk. Do something you will love to do without someone with you. Just because you are single doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy doing something for yourself on Valentine’s Day.


Avoid Social Media

If you had a recent break up, can’t get over someone, or follow/are friends with people that you know overshare their romantic lives online, then avoid social media on February 14th! You can survive a day or so without social media. Many people use it to connect with people they love, so focus on their profiles and what they write to you instead of whatever other people are posting for all their friends to see. I highly recommend setting a timer for the time you spend on social media or avoiding it on peak “romantic post” times. Those times are usually sometime after work and into the night. If you need to contact someone, please consider asking them to move the conversation somewhere else, away from social media. That way you will be able to completely avoid social media while talking to everyone you care about.


Buy Yourself A Present

Self love is important. That’s why if you are alone on Valentine’s Day, buy yourself a present. Since it is from you to you, think of something you want to own and/or receive from someone on Valentine’s Day. You can go with the more traditional flowers and candy or you could by yourself something more practical. You can by jewelry or you can buy a new set of pots and pans. It’s up to you. Just remember this: Buying yourself a present for Valentine’s Day will make you feel silly and embarrassed. It’s a normal feeling. Don’t worry about it.


Eat Out, But If You Order Take Out, Make the Meal Special

Valentine’s Day is a day when couples like to go out and eat. Despite this, if eating out is something you are in doing on Valentine’s Day, then go out and eat! Treat yourself! Just be careful if you are sensitive to romantic couples sitting at a table, eating, talking, and acting lovingly towards each other. In times like this, it may be best if you order take out. Even though it sound depressing to order take out, try to make it special. If you can go to a park or somewhere scenic, do so and eat your food there. If you have a porch, eat your food there. If you can’t do either of them, then make it a special meal inside your home. Use nice silverware and plates. Also, try to play classical or jazz music while eating. If playing music doesn’t suit you, then read a book. Just try to make the meal special and different than other meals eaten throughout the year.


Remember: Love Will Come. Just Give it Time

Yes. That’s right. Love will come. The best kind of love takes time to come. Remember this piece of advice not only throughout the Valentine’s Day, but everyday after. Spend your single time building yourself into a person you will admire. Keep your health up. Pay your bills and work towards getting out of debt. Do things that make your life better, not stressful. And when you feel lonely, focus on building and strengthening the relationships you already have with family members or friends.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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