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Thoughts On A Charlie Brown Christmas Not On TV This Year

Every Christmas, I always look forward to watching Christmas movies and TV specials. This year, one of my favorite Christmas specials will not be airing. The special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, as well it’s Halloween and Thanksgiving specials, did not/will not be airing on TV.

The reason is because Apple holds all copyrights to air the Peanuts specials. For the past two years, Apple aired the specials on PBS. This year, they will not be allowing the specials to be aired on TV at all. Instead, they can be found exclusively on Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV.

To be honest, I’m not happy about this. I heard about this prior to the pandemic in 2020, but it seemed like nobody cared like I hoped they would. Even though I didn’t say much if anything online, I felt really upset about it. I was happy when Apple decided to allow the specials to air on PBS. Now that they are no longer on the air, I’m now back to feeling upset.

To me, it feels like a loss of an important American Christmas tradition. I always looked forward to the special. When I was a child, I would get upset if I missed the show or someone interrupted me watching it. As I became an older child, I didn’t feel so upset about it, but I still looked forward to it. As an adult, I began to care for the special more than before. It was a way to subtlety resist and rebel against the urge to grow up too much too fast.

Now that the show is no longer airing on TV, I am upset. Yet, as the Christmas season moves forward, I feel more at peace about it. I’m still unhappy about it, but I am a peace because I own the DVD versions of the specials. I can watch them anytime I want, not matter what the season. If I miss the show too much, I can just watch the DVD. It’s not the same, but it is better than nothing.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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