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Marshall’s Mini Haul- August 2020

In August, I decided to go to Marshall’s to see what kind of items they had for sale. While shopping, I found many items I liked, but only two I wanted badly enough to buy. Since I purchased only two items, I decided to make a mini haul post. It will be short, but I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what I purchased anyway!The first item I purchased is a Betsy Johnson make up bag…

I fell in love with this make up bag the moment I saw it. It was on clearance as well, so I purchased it.

The second and last item I purchased is a bottle of Taylor Swift’s perfume Wonderstruck…

Although I’m not a fan of Taylor (Please read this post for more information about that), I need to admit there are many Taylor Swift items I haphazardly collected over the years due to it’s aesthetically pleasing style. After years of collecting, I always wondered what one of her fragrances smelled like. I tried looking for one online, but the higher than I’m willing to pay prices drove me away.

While at Marshall’s, I found this bottle of Wonderstruck. It was less than $10 USD with tax, the perfect price I’m willing to pay. As of this post, it’s still in its box and wrapping, so I still don’t know what it smells like.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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