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2021 Birthday and Christmas Self Gifted Presents Part 2: Makeup and Beauty

Continuing with yesterday’s post, I wanted to talk about what else I bought myself for my birthday, which was in November, and for Christmas this year. Even though I purchased myself a lot of gifts, I received many gifts as well. Even though I’m very grateful for my gifts and how thoughtful my family and friends are, I decided to not talk about those gifts online unless there is a good reason to. (Gift and haul posts are not one of those reasons)

All the items in this post are makeup and beauty related. I had my eye on these products for a while and, even though my family and friends would purchase them for me as gifts, they were so hard to come by they couldn’t find them in store or miss purchasing them online. When I found them available at stores I shop at (Which are too far away for my family and friends to frequently shop at), I purchased them for myself. My family and friends are sad I didn’t let them buy these products for me, but they understood I did it because I am worried about them traveling so far away from their home during the pandemic for makeup and beauty products as a gift.

The first product I purchased is the Morphe 35X Big Primpin’ pallet…

I didn’t do a lot of research into the makeup and beauty products Ulta Beauty would have this year because I was told I would be getting them as a gift. Despite this, shipping delays and stocking problems forced my family and friends to tell me about the makeup products they wanted to get me but couldn’t find. One of these products was the Morphe 35X Big Primpin’ pallet.

I didn’t know much about the Big Primpin’ pallet until I saw it in the Ulta Beauty advertisement catalog. Since it was one of the makeup pallets my family and friends couldn’t find in store, I knew if I wanted it, I would need to purchase it myself. When I saw the pallet in person, I loved the colors so much I decided to pick it up. I believe it is available for a limited time, so I decided to buy it weeks before Christmas.

I really wanted to buy myself the companion pallet called 9X L’il Extra Artistry Pallet, but I was talked out of it by one of my friends after I left the store. I was unaware they found the 9X pallet and purchased that for me as a gift. I really liked the 9X pallet so much I wanted to go back to the store and purchase a “backup pallet”, but I decided against it.

The next product I purchased is the Morphe x Pony Constellation Sky pallet…

I’m really out of the loop when it comes to new and popular social media personalities unless the have a collaboration with a brand. This is why when my friends told me that they wanted to get me the Morphe x Pony pallet, I was surprised they thought the pallet would be a great addition to my makeup collection. When I saw the pallet online, I immediately knew why they wanted to get it for me.

I talked to them for the past few months about purchasing an eyeshadow pallet with pastel colors. I wanted to buy the Urban Decay Cyber pallet, but I didn’t think the colors in it would match my skin tone. This is why they wanted to buy the Morphe x Pony pallet. It had more colors than the Urban Decay pallet and cost much less than the Urban Decay pallet as well. I wish they found the pallet where they live and given it to me as a present. I know I would’ve loved to receive this pallet as a gift!

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find it where they live, so I purchased it for myself. I’m still happy to own it and seeing it makes me so happy I have such thoughtful friends!

The next products I purchased are The Mandalorian and The Child eyeshadow pallets from the Colourpop x Disney’s The Mandalorian collection….


According to my friends, finding these pallets where they live was “impossible” because of the popularity of the show. They were sold out at their closest Ulta Beauty stores as well as online. I found them at my closet Ulta Beauty. I usually find the popular and really hard to find makeup there because it is in a rural-ish area. Because of this, it takes less time for popular makeup to sell out. Despite this, popular makeup, such as the Coloupop x Disney’s The Mandalorian collection still sold out before December started. I was surprised to find these pallets and a few other products in the collection still available to purchase. Since they are so hard for my friends to find, I decided to purchase myself these pallets and tell them to go to my closest Ulta Beauty to find the pallets for other people on their shopping lists.

The final product I purchased myself is a hand mirror from the Colourpop x Disney’s The Mandalorian collection….

There was only one mirror available at the store, so I purchased it. At the time I purchased the mirror, I didn’t know if my friends found a mirror to give to me as gift or not. Since the collection is so popular, I thought if they didn’t find one, at least I’ll have one. If they did and they gave it to me for Christmas, I can use the one I bought myself as a gift for someone else who doesn’t have a mirror.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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