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My 5 Favorite Bath & Body Works Halloween Scents

A few days ago, I published a post talking about my five favorite Bath and Body Works fall scents. Shortly Bath and Body Works’ fall scents are released in stores, the Halloween scents start to show up as well. They are harder to purchase because there is a limited quantity and are very popular. Like with the fall scents, I have favorite Halloween scents as well. I felt inspired to write another post about my five favorite scents, this time from the Halloween collection.

Vampire Blood

My first favorite Halloween scent is Vampire Blood. Despite the name, it’s actually a really nice scent. Bath and Body Works describes the scent as…

Blood Red Strawberry, Midnight Blooming Jasmine, Dark Transylvanian Plum with Natural Essential Oils.

There aren’t many scents that have a strong strawberry scent anymore, but this scent has one. I love strawberry scented products, making this scent one of my favorite scents for years.

Candy Corn Marshmallow

Candy Corn Marshmallow is a scent I really love from the Halloween scent line. Bath and Body Works describes the scent as…

A Halloween sugar rush of mysterious marshmallow fluff, candy corn and sweet orange.

I like this scent, but I love it the best as a candle, Wallflower, or sanitizer. It is a very sweet scent, so this would be a great scent for anyone with a sweet tooth without eating any sweets.


Ghoul Friend

Ghoul Friend is another favorite scent of mine. Bath and Body Works describes the scent as…

Dark Strawberries, Ghostly Peony, Spine Chilling Citrus with Natural Essential Oils.

Like Vampire Blood, Ghoul Friend has strawberry in the scent. It is a more feminine scent with citrus base.


Wicked Apple

Bath and Body Works describes the scent as…

A frightening, fruity blend of ghostly green apple, creepy caramel drizzle and vicious vanilla bean.

I love how smells like a caramel apple. It’s a great scent for anyone looking for a fall scent with a Halloween theme.


Pumpkin Carving

The final scent is Pumpkin Carving. Bath and Body Works describes the scent…

Freshly Carved Pumpkin, Spiced Pumpkin Seeds, Smooth Brown Sugar with Natural Essential Oils.

Pumpkin Carving is a scent more fall in scent notes and in name. I love this scent because it reminds me of pumpkin pie.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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