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Favorite New Ulta Beauty Products and Collections- September 2021

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Ulta Beauty to browse. I’ve been too busy and other things happened in my life that prevented me from getting out of the house for casual shopping. Since the 21 Days of Beauty is here, I decided to browse Ulta’s website to see what is new. I found some new beauty products and collections that are new or coming out this month. Even though I anticipate I will still be busy this month, I hope to go shopping in store at least once this month. Until then, here are my favorite new products and collections at Ulta Beauty… which I have not seen in person yet!

Orly x Lisa Frank

The first collection I’m intrested in is the Orly x Lisa Frank collection. I discovered the collection while reading Ulta’s September 2021 advertisement magazine. The collection has nail polish sets and nail stickers inspired by Lisa Frank’s art. I’m not sure if the collection has something I would like to buy, (The picture of the ad was small) but I am curious enough to look at the collection.


Cherry Coke x Morphe

When I head of Morphe’s collaboration with Coca Cola, I wanted to look at it. I’m not a Coca Cola or Cherry Coke drinker, but I enjoy looking at the old advertisements and Coca Cola memorabilia. Because of this, I’m very curious about this collection. It is my hope the packaging is cute and would make a unique collectable for Coca Cola fans.


Too Faced Cinnamon Swirl Sweet & Spicy Eye Shadow Palette

I enjoy looking at the Too Faced scented eye shadow palettes, yet I don’t own many of them. I’m very picky about scents in my beauty products, so I don’t always like to buy Too Faced’s eye shadow palettes. Recently, Too Faced released a new eye shadow palette with a cinnamon swirl scent. I like the idea for the scent, so I would like to see, and smell, the palette in person.


ColourPop Sonic Bloom Collection

ColourPop recently released a new collection called Sonic Bloom Collection. The collection has colors with names inspired by flowers, astronomy terms, and 1970’s disco terms. The colors are dark and would be great for the fall. I’m very curious about this collection, so I would like to see it in person.


Morphe’s 35F Fall Into Fabulous Artistry Palette

The last product I’m interested in is Morphe’s 35F Fall Into Fabulous Artistry Palette. I found this palette on Ulta’s website and I’m already interested in buying it. The eyshadow palette has collection of fall inspired shades. I really love the colors, but I want to see the palette in person before I’m completely sure I want to buy it. Still, it looks very pretty and perfect for the fall season.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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