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What Kind of House Would I Like to Have?

For the past few months, I started the long process to clean, declutter, and repaint my house. I plan to move from my house one day soon, but right now I’m trying to make it into a more enjoyable home for me to live in. It’s been a struggle, but I’m finally at the point when I can say I’m getting ready to paint parts of the house. Actually, it’s a closet in the bathroom, but trust me. Not only a great place to start, but it’s also in desperate need of paint. So, I’d rather work and finish painting the closet and not worry about it any more.

Throughout my cleaning and preparing the house for paint, I realized something about myself: I never thought about what style of house and interior decoration I want to own.Picking a house based off interior decoration is not easy. I’m also a picky person when it comes to having sections for certain objects to sit in. The reason is because I want to have items nearby whenever I need them in a specific location. One such location is the drawers around the stove in the kitchen. I keep all the stirring utensils in one drawer and all the lids for pots and pans in the other. I love the close proximity of everything I need for cooking nearby without needing to search too hard for them.

Even though I’m picky about the location of certain items, there are other things with the interior that I really want but do not have in my current house. First, I want cabinet doors. My current house does not have cabinet doors anywhere and it has always been that way. I want crown molding to create a separation between the walls and the ceiling. I want a bigger kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom. I also want a bathroom with a shower as my current house has a bath tub. Also, I want more than one bathroom in my house.

Although I’m very confident about what I want in my house, and the size of them, I really never gave much thought about the actual interior design style I would like. I love homes with a Mediterranean, Southwestern, Arts and Crafts, traditional, transitional, modern farmhouse, French country, shabby chic, coastal, and Hollywood glam. Because I have so many interior designs, I decided that I will pick the style of my future home based off my budget, location of the house, and how much repair the home will need. Since my future home will be a starter home, I don’t want to pick a house style without functionality and budget in mind. I would like to own a home that has an interior design style I would like to live comfortably in, even if it doesn’t look like my ideal perfect house.

As for the outside of the house, I would like a back yard large enough to plant a small garden and allow for any dogs I may own in the future to run freely in the back yard. Of course, I would like a fence, but I don’t think I will like a pool. I grew up wanting a pool, but as an adult, I learned how much work it takes to maintain a pool. I would like a front yard, but I don’t mind if it’s smaller than the back yard. To me, a smaller front yard means less yard work in the area where my neighbors and anyone passing by can look at.

There are other things I would like for my house, such as do I want to live in an HOA subdivision, how old or new I want the house to be, and other important home owning problems and concerns, but I think I talked enough about my future home. I’m still waiting for the housing market to calm down some more before I make a final decision on where I would like to move to and why.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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