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A Talk About My Vehicle’s Problems and Why I Need a New One

For the past few years, I thought about talking about my vehicle in a post. Owning a vehicle is important to me because I live miles away from the nearest grocery store, post office, and other places I need to go. I also run errands for my relative’s work. The problem is my vehicle isn’t doing so well.

My vehicle was purchased in 2011 second hand and has worked extremely well for all these years. I has had it’s problems, including a car accident in 2015 that messed with parts of it, but it’s worked pretty well since it came into my possession. Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder and harder to keep up. The problems caused by the car accident as well as age, wear and tear, and other problems that indicate to me it may have not be cared for by it’s previous owners as well as I thought forced me to seriously look at getting a new vehicle.

The problem is right now I don’t want to get a new vehicle right now.

As of right now, new vehicles are becoming harder to buy and second hand vehicle prices are so crazy, I don’t even want to try to track one down. This is caused by the slowing down of manufacturing of new vehicles due to a pandemic caused computer chip shortage. This means a shortage of them and older, second hand vehicles to become so pricey, it’s not within my budget to buy one. So, I still need to figure out how to keep my current vehicle operational.

Since I’m stuck with my current vehicle, I’m trying to make the best out of this situation. I enjoyed my vehicle for the past ten years and will miss her (Yes. My vehicle is a her.) when I cannot drive her anymore. Instead of trying to be melancholy that she will no longer be mine, I’m trying to look on the bright side and be thankful she lasted six years after the car accident. I’m thankful she took me places and doctor appointments when I was sick. I’m thankful she was easy to handle, drive, and was overall a very good vehicle to own. I’m looking forward to owning a new vehicle that has a reliable engine like she does, but is larger and has more storage space. My poor vehicle is just too small for anything I try to carry to fit in my vehicle! Not to mention me and any passenger over 5 feet 8 inches tall!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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