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5 Things I Don’t Miss About College

In my last post, I talked about 5 things I missed about college. Even though I do miss some things about college, there are many more I don’t miss. Although the list of things I don’t miss is quite long, I narrowed down my list to five things that I don’t miss the most.

I’m sorry if this post sounds like I’m complaining about my college experience. I didn’t have the best college experience the first time around partly because my health problems became a serious problem when I was in college and partly I picked the wrong college for me and my major.

The Price

Everyone who looks into attending college knows its very expensive. The price of tuition is high and, if that wasn’t enough, the price for books and other necessary items for class, including computers, makes the price go even higher. That’s why the thing I don’t miss the most about college is the price.


Missing Assignments and Getting Bad Grades Because of Poor or No WiFi

When I was in college, I had a terrible time turning in online assignments because the WiFi where I lived wasn’t good. Because of this, and teachers that believed I had access to better WiFi and some wouldn’t believe my excuses, I sometimes got bad grades. Fortunately, the teachers changed my grades after I complained enough, but the experience made me frustrated and hate college even more.


Going to The Same College as Many of My High School Classmates

The first time I went to college I thought I wouldn’t see any of my high school classmates again, or not many of them would be there. I was surprised when I saw many of my former classmates walking around the campus, attending class just like me. The first year of college didn’t feel like college, or the new start that I wanted it to be. It was more like a continuation of high school… which made my college experience miserable. Many of my former high school classmates treated me as though I was still the same person as I was in high school and I didn’t change over the summer. I hated it and wished to this day I transferred to a different college after my first semester.


Driving to Campus

The reason why I decided to go to the college I went to after graduating from high school is because I could drive to the campus. Because of this, I didn’t need to stay on campus and could stay home with relatives. Even though this was a great idea for me, it ended up not working out as nicely as I thought. Driving took time, gas, and was a hassle whenever a teacher decided to cancel the class without emailing before I left the house. Also, parking was a chore. I tried to plan my college schedule around popular parking times, but it was still annoying. Even though I hated driving to college, at that time the college didn’t require paid parking or a student parking pass in order to park. I feel fortunate that I attended a college when I didn’t need to worry about that part of parking.


Too Much “School Spirit”

I love the passion people have for their colleges, but sometimes it can be too much. Although I didn’t have the college sports school spirit experience I wanted, I still encountered people who were passionate about the college. Some of them were so passionate in their loyalty to the school, it was hard to talk to them about anything negative about the school, sports, classes, how the school handled certain problems, ect. Even though I can find people outside of the school that are so loyal to a sports team or institution to the point they are blind to something serious, I was shocked to see it from students, and even facility members, of a college.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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