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5 Things I Miss About College

Recently, I fell down a rabbit hole of watching YouTubers that are currently attending college. My college experience was not that great for many reasons (Discovering I how seriously ill with an illness that would take me until my late 20’s to be cured from is one of them) but I felt nostalgic for the things I wanted to be a part of in college but couldn’t. Although I’m happy I don’t attend college anymore, watching the YouTube videos made me long for a time in my life I feel like I missed out on. So, here are 5 things I miss about college. (Or wished I could’ve done in college but couldn’t)

The Hope for the Future, Even Though it Was Uncertain

Ok, not everyone felt this way about college, but I did. I knew the future was uncertain, but I was extremely hopeful about it. I didn’t like going to school prior to college and was bullied throughout school, but I felt college was a fresh start for me. I didn’t need to be in the same class as anyone I used to go to school with. I could take classes to get a degree in a subject I wanted to learn about. And after I graduated, I could get a better paying job in a different town or city, leaving my home town far behind. If there is one thing I really miss about college I wish I could have today, it would be that joyful hope I had about the future… even though I had no idea where I was going or even what I was doing.


Football Games

The college I attended did not have a football team, but I miss the football games from other colleges/universities. Some of the games aired on TV, allowing me the chance to see it on TV without a ticket. Going to a college or university was something I always wanted to do, but I didn’t get that chance because of my health problems. Although I still enjoy watching collegiate football games on TV, I still am sad I didn’t attend a college that has a football team.


School Pride

I wouldn’t say my college had school pride, but it was something I wished it had more of. I always loved going to my friends’ colleges and universities and seeing the creative ways the school showed their school pride. It also made me long for an opportunity to leave my old college and go to one that cared more about the school than the one I used to attend.


The Buildings’ Architecture

The buildings at the college I attended, and other colleges I visited, have architecture that is different and some of them are historical buildings. Because of this, I absolutely loved looking at all the buildings at the college. The details of buildings, especially historical buildings, is always something I’m interesting to look at and admire, so going to school in and around these kinds of buildings was something I thoroughly enjoyed.


Student Discounts

When you’re a student in college, you can get things for a discounted price. When I was in college, I didn’t know about all the student discounts I could use, so I didn’t use them. Looking back on them now, I feel sad that I missed out on the student discounts I could’ve used.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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