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Walmart’s Luxury Inspired Heart Shaped Candy Boxes for Valentine’s Day 2021

Recently, while shopping at a Walmart I don’t shop at normally, I decided to look at the Valentine’s Day section of the store. The store I was at that day is bigger than the one I normally shop at, so the Valentine’s Day section had more items than my normal Walmart. While looking at the heart shaped candy boxes, two of the candy box designs from Elmer Chocolate caught my eye because they look like they are inspired by notable luxury fashion designs and items.

The first box that caught my eye was this box…

The design on the box is inspired by Chanel Number 5 perfume bottle. I thought this design was super cute, but my favorite part of the picture is the 2 and 14 on the top of the label, (referencing the second month and the 14 day of the month, Valentine’s Day) in the style Chanel’s perfume is written.

The second box that caught my eye was this box…

The box has a monogram design inspired by Louis Vuitton’s multi color canvas design from 2004…

I love these candy boxes and I enjoyed seeing something that I recognize as being inspired by a luxury brand.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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