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5 Picky Things I Do in the Kitchen to Make My Life Easier

Recently, while washing dishes, I realized I reached for certain things in the kitchen instinctively. I realized this because, when I reached for something, it wasn’t there and I began to panic. Since I depend on certain things in certain places, I realized how picky I am about the placement of those items. Although I’m not picky about the placement of everything in my house, when it comes to the kitchen, I needed certain items fast and in the right place so I won’t burn my food while looking for a certain item.

Even though everyone sets up their kitchen in the way that works best for them, here are five things I do and set my kitchen up that will work best for me.

I Always Wash Kitchen Knives First

I don’t have a dish washing machine, so I always wash my dishes by hand. For many years, the first, or one of the first, item I wash is my kitchen knives. Since they are sharp, I wanted to wash them first so I can focus on cleaning them well and carefully before I wash the rest of the dishes and become bored and loose focus on my dish washing.


I Put My Kitchen Utensils in a Drawer Next to the Stove

I’ve seen people put their kitchen utensils, such as their most used spoon, spatulas, and whisks, in a container on the countertop. I don’t do that because I like to keep them in a drawer next to the stove. I like keeping them in a drawer because I can see the handles and ends at the same time. This prevents mix ups due to two or more utensils with the same exact handle. Keeping the utensils next to the stove makes them easy for me to grab something without needing to move too far away from the stove top.


I Put My Pot Lids In a Drawer in the Other Side of the Stove

Just like with my kitchen utensils, I also like to put my pot lids in a drawer located on the other side of my stove. This way, I can find all the pot lids in one drawer when I need them the most. Organizing the pot lids this way makes it easy to grab a lid whenever I need one quickly.


I “Steep” My Brand New Washcloths if They Are in Dark or Bright Colors

One day, while washing my dishes with brand new, already washed red washcloth, I accidentally discovered my washcloth bled red dye into the wash water. After seeing this, I began to “steep”, or let my new, red washcloths soak in warm, soapy water for a half an hour in order to make the extra red dye get out of the washcloths. It worked and now I do this to all my dark or bight colored washcloths to get all the dye out of my washcloths.


I Put All My Most Used Spices Towards the Front of My Spice Shelf

I use a lot of seasonings in my cooking and there are certain spices that I love to use more than others. Since I need these spices more than my other spices, I always make sure to put my most use spices near the front of the spice shelf. That way, I can grab them easier than I would if I didn’t arrange my spices this way.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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