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Saying Goodbye to My Closest Victoria’s Secret Store

I feel very awkward to write a post about a Victoria’s Secret store closing, (It’s a lingerie store after all) but there is a good reason for my desire to write about the closing of the closest Victoria’s Secret store to where I live. The Victoria’s Secret store closed permanently as part of Victoria’s Secret’s 250 store closing that was announced in May. Although I knew this was coming, (Arizona has many Victoria’s Secret stores, so if there would be a store to close, I always assumed it would be that one) I still felt pretty sad to see this particular store close.

This Victoria’s Secret store is one of the original stores that opened in the Casa Grande Promenade mall. The mall opened in 2007 and the original stores included Target, JcPenny’s, Dillard’s, Kohl’s, Old Navy, and many other well known stores from that time period. Over the years, many of the stores I personally used to shop at either closed or changed to accommodate the clientele that shops at the mall. Old Navy isn’t there anymore nor is Target. Dillard’s is now a Dillard’s Clearance center. JcPenny’s and Kohl’s are still alive and well, at least that’s from what I’ve heard and seen. So, seeing yet another store leave the area makes me sad and depressed not necessarily for Victoria’s Secret, but for further proof that the mall (and other malls in the area) simply doesn’t have the clientele to support it.

This could change as the county the Casa Grande Promenade is located in had a huge increase of home sales in recent months due to a variety of reasons. There are people, including myself, that believes Target will return to the mall in it’s original space and other stores are looking at the mall again for shop space in anticipation of future home sales and more people who want to shop at the mall. But, unfortunately, the Victoria’s Secret store couldn’t hold out for that to happen, so it’s closed permanently.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Victoria’s Secret store, which is now closed completely and the windows are blocked off, to do what I do when the other stores in the mall that closed: I stood outside of it, took photographs of it, and basically say goodby to it. As of this post, the signs outside the store are gone and all there is to show there was a Victoria’s Secret store are my photographs.









Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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