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5 Things About Me I Don’t Talk About Online

This month will mark three years since I started my blog and, in those three years, I don’t talk about things about myself besides certain topics. I intended to make more posts about hobbies I have, places I like to take a day trip to, and other things about myself I don’t talk about that are more fun than serious. Although I started this year with the best intentions for this blog and my other social media sites, Covid-19 and the stay at home orders forced me to delay my blog and social media posts.

Although I cannot do everything I want to, I wanted to talk about five things about myself that I never talk about online. Mostly because I really don’t have a need to talk about them.

I Love Mini Golf and Laser Tag, but Not Real Golf and Paint Ball

I love playing mini gold and laser tag, but real golf isn’t nearly as fun and paint ball doesn’t appeal to me like laser tag does.


Clothing Shopping Makes Me Want to Rip My Hair Out

I love fashion. I love looking at clothes. But when it comes to buying clothes for myself I hate it. I always find something wrong with the clothes (Too small in the bust, fabric is too thin, too small waist to fit me even though it’s my size, ect.) and when I find something I really do love, it’s sold out in my size. So, buying clothes for myself fills me with dread and self confidence issues.


I Love Spending My Time in Bookstores and Used Bookstores

While I hate shopping for clothes, I love shopping for books in bookstores or used bookstores. I can’t explain how exciting it is to me to go inside a bookstore to see what is available and what book I can read next. I don’t go to bookstores as much as I want to, mostly because I live too far away from them to make a regular trip to them, but whenever I do, it’s a special treat.


I Don’t Drink Coffee or Alcohol

I don’t like drinking coffee though I love the smell of it when I’m in a bookstore. I never cared for the taste of it in any form so I just don’t drink it. As for alcohol, I don’t drink it because I’m allergic to it… and, after accidentally drank a sip years ago, I can honestly say I don’t like the taste of it either!


Hiking (Or Walking in General) is My Favorite Form of Exercise

I love hiking or walking for exercise. I enjoy talking hikes on hiking trails and seeing what plants are in bloom or what animals I can see while hiking. I also enjoy walking in malls and window shop whenever I feel like stopping for a while to rest.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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