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5 Ways to Keep Track of the Days When You’re Stuck at Home

Things in the world are calming down, or at least I hope they are! After spending more time at home than I would’ve preferred, like everyone in the world has, I began using some old habits I used to use when I was stuck at home sick with an antibiotic resistant infection to keep myself from going stir crazy. One of these habits was a way to keep track of the days without seeing them blend into each other without an end. Even though I was rusty, the more I began using my old habits, the faster and better I was at maintaining them. Although quarantining my be ending for many people, and I may be late to talk about this, here are five ways of keeping track of the days while stuck at home.


Make a Routine Based off Your Old One

Within the first week of Arizona’s stay at home order, I began to see my routine begin to slip. I wouldn’t go to sleep at the same time and stayed up late and got up late in the morning. I ate my breakfast, lunch, and dinner at abnormal hours and my productivity began to slip. When I realized this, I began to force myself to have a routine based off the one I had before the stay at home order began. I set my alarm to the same time I used to get up at. I exercised at the same time of the day I used to. I made sure I ate something, even if it was a banana, at the same time I used to each breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I started and stopped working at the same time every day and asked my friends to call me at the exact same time so I can look forward to something every day. It was something that helped me get through all the lonely, and very boring, days at home.



Journaling is the something I made sure to do often. As the month wore on, my journaling ended up becoming more song lyric poetry than explanations about what’s going on in my daily life, but at least I was getting my feelings and thoughts out of my head. Since journaling is meant to not only document everyday life but a place to release feelings and thoughts, keeping a journal is an important part of keeping sane during a lonely time. Plus, it also forces you to keep track of the days of the week.


Keep an agenda with things done that day

If journaling is not for you, keeping an agenda could be a great alternative. It not only keeps track of where you go, very important if you get sick, but it forces you to know what day it is.


Vlog… but you don’t need post anything

I hate vlogging, but I do love recording and creating videos. I just don’t want to post anything with my face in the video! Even though I hate vlogging, I have been vlogging throughout the stay at home order to help keep my boredom at bay and keep the videos as a memory for this time. Sounds weird, but these are more like home videos to look back on and watch than something I want to post on YouTube. If you’re stuck at home, start recording anything you do during the day. Record yourself cooking something, progress of a plant’s growth, going for walks, and talking about movies and TV shows you watched. Just record something… even if it never ends up online. In fact, it’s more fun and easy to record and vlog if you plan to not post it!


Mark a wall calendar with smiley faces or fun stickers

Finally, a great way to keep track of the days while stuck at home is marking a wall calendar with fun stickers or drawing smiley faces. It is by far the simplest way to keep track of the days because all you need to do is look at the calendar and see what day isn’t marked with a smiley face or sticker.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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