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5 Things I’m Not Excited for This Holiday Season

Although this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, everyone can have a bad day. Keeping this in mind, I wanted to share five things I’m not excited for this holiday season that would cause me a bad day.


Traffic is always a problem, but during the holiday season, traffic is horrible. No matter if it’s traveling to and from the airport or going to run errands at the bank, it seems like everyone is out and has somewhere to go at the same time as you.


Trouble Finding Groceries

The holiday season is the time to cook treats and food, which makes finding normal groceries extremely difficult. No matter if it’s milk, eggs, or fruits and vegetables, if it can be found any other time of the year, it will be sold out during the holidays.


Trouble Finding a Present

In addition to trouble finding groceries, finding a present is trouble for me. I have one person that I always have trouble finding a present for and it seems like every time I find the perfect present, it sells out. Fortunately, I found and purchased a present for this person, but I still have a sense of dread that I’ll find something else for them and, once I decide to buy it for them, it sells out.


Pushy or Stressed Out People

Holidays are stressful and that stress brings out the pushy side of people. Although I’m guilty of being cranky during the holidays, I’m not looking forward to running into people who go beyond acting cranky and moody and act downright rude, inconsiderate, and selfish.


Unrealistic Expectations On Gift Givers

The last thing I’m not excited for this season is an unrealistic expectation on gift givers. Although this pressure can come from many different places, including the recipient of the gifts, I’m mostly focused on the commercials on TV and social media. It’s always hard to find the right present, but hearing repeatedly that finding the perfect gift is the truest sign of love isn’t realistic. Love of another should not be based off the amount of gifts or the cost of them. Because of this, I do not look forward to the ads encouraging buying someone the best, most expensive item for Christmas.

Well, that’s it! Thank you for reading!

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