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6 of the Most Adult-like Birthday Gifts I Ever Asked For

Recently, I talked to my friends about what they would like for their birthday as well as what I would like for my birthday. After a while, we realized everything we said we wanted are very adult-like and are more practical and useful than just something extravagant that we could keep as a memory of that birthday. Since I was inspired by that conversation, and today is my birthday, I decided to share 6 of my most adult/adulting birthday presents I ever asked for. Or could remember. Because I use them so much I don’t even pay attention to where or when I got them anymore.

Gift Cards for Groceries or Gas

One year in my early 20’s, I asked my family and friends for grocery store and gas gift cards. I asked for the specific stores and gas stations and, much to my joy, I got them. Contrary to what I’ve heard on the news, hen you are an adult gift cards to stores and places that you like to shop at are not seen as a gift from someone who doesn’t know you very well. It’s a way of helping you buy something you will enjoy and need. Especially if that gift cards are for groceries or gas, which are essentials. By my family and friends giving me these gift cards, I was able to pay for gas and groceries for months and allowed me to spend my income on other bills that I didn’t want to ask them for money to pay for.

Kitchen Utensils

For the same birthdays I asked for grocery and gas gift cards, I also asked for kitchen utensils. Back then, I needed kitchen utensils badly and needed them as soon as possible. It didn’t matter if it’s wooden spoons, metal spoons, or can openers, I needed them all. So, when my family and friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday besides gift cards, I asked for utensils. Although they wanted to get me something more exciting and fun, I got the utensils. Now that they are nearly 10 years old, they are wearing out and need to be replaced. But I know if I didn’t ask for those kitchen utensil and got them for my birthday (And Christmas), I wouldn’t owned such good quality utensils that lasted such a long time.

First Aid Kit

I needed to travel for my job and sometimes that requires hours spent in a car or other vehicle. Because of this, I asked for a first aid kit for my birthday. Although they were confused, my cousins gave me one and I was overjoyed. In an ironic twist of events, I had to use my first aid kit on them because they got hurt while working. Since I was closest to them, I used my first aid kit on them. Their injuries was not severe (They needed bandages only), but after that experience, they asked for first aid kits of their own for their birthdays and now carry them when they travel.

Food Items

Although the birthday presents I asked for are useful and I, to this day, see no problems in asking for them, there is one present I asked for that scratch my head: Food items.

I don’t know why I would randomly ask for stuff like olive oil or honey for my birthday, but I did ask for them and got them.

Bath Towels and Bed Sheets

Another necessity I asked for my birthday was bath towels and bed sheets. Unlike any other other birthday presents I asked for, I never received them as a present. The reason why I didn’t get them as a present is because my family and friends didn’t know what to buy me. Although towels and sheets seemed straight forward to me, I didn’t know there are different levels of quality and bed sheet thread counts. So, my family and friends gave me gift cards to stores that had sold a variety of quality sheets and towels and let me pick my own.

Office Supplies

The last adult-like birthday gift I asked for was office supplies. I always need office supplies not just for work but also for tax season. It always makes me feel a little bit better when I work on my taxes with a fun pen and pretty paper. Because of this, I used to ask for office supplies for my birthday. I would get them, but as time went on, I realized that my family and friends would give me fund office supplies such as stickers, note books, and other items just because they found them and thought I would like them. So, I don’t ask for them anymore, but if a family member wanted to give me an office supply for my birthday, I will be very happy to accept it.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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