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Fragrance Wish List for 2019

I know it’s August, but while trying to think up some new post ideas, I realized I never talked about my wish lists for the year. I see them online (Specifically YouTube), but I talked about my wish lists in December 2018 during Blogmas. I don’t always like to talk about my wish lists, but I feel comfrotable to be open about what I like and plan on saving or asking for my birthday, Christmas, and any time I’m asked what I would like to receive as a gift.

Even though there are many topics I could cover for my wish list posts, I wanted to start by talking about all the fragrances I would like to own one day soon.

Viktor&Rolf BonBon

I used to own a bottle of Viktor&Rolf’s BonBon, but I used it so much I ran out. This happened years ago and I never had the money or drive to replace it. Since then, I began to miss BonBon and wanted to add it back into my fragrance collection.

Vera Wang Princess

I visit Vera Wang’s Princess every time I’m in a store it is available in. I never purchased it, but I keep smelling it and remembering why I would like to add it to my fragrance collection.

Giorgio Armani Because It’s You

I planned on buying a bottle of Because It’s You last year, but it never happened. I still love the scent of it and plan on picking up a bottle (Or asking for one as a gift) sometime soon.

Giorgio Armani Sun di Gioia

Sun di Gioia is the last fragrance I need to buy before I have the complete di Gioia collection. I nearly purchased a bottle earlier this year, but the store I shopped at didn’t have it in stock. Since then, my fragrance shopping focus has drifted to purchasing other fragrances, leaving Sun di Gioia to the side. I hope to pick up a bottle of it either before the end of the year or in the beginning of next year.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

I own a small version of Marc Jacobs Daisy (I talked about it in a post here) but I never purchased a full sized bottle. I know that I might receive a bottle of Daisy later on this year for my birthday or Christmas, so I’m not going to worry about buying myself a bottle.

Burberry Her

I saw Burberry Her while shopping for fragrances and, after trying it, I fell in love with it. I didn’t purchase a bottle while on that shopping trip, but I plan on picking up one or asking for one as a present.

Burberry My Burberry Blush

Like Burberry Her, I found it while on a fragrance shopping trip. At that time the reason why I didn’t pick up a bottle is because it smelled similar to Coach Blush. I keep going back and forth between the two, but I know whatever fragrance I purchase first, I would like to add both of them to my fragrance collection.

Coach Blush

The last fragrance on my wish list is Coach Blush. Like I said before, it smells similar to My Burberry Blush. Despite this, I find Coach Blush a lighter fragrance than My Burberry Blush, which makes me want this fragrance more. I like light fragrances the most (Mostly because I can wear them even if my allergies act up), so I plan on owning Coach Blush before My Burberry Blush.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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