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Essie Vanity Forest Nail Polish

I’m a huge fan of light pink nail polish because it complements my skin color very well. Also, it adds some color to my nails while looking natural. I heard great things about Essie’s nail polish color Ballet Slippers so, while on a shopping trip to Target, I decided to look for a bottle and pick one up.

After browsing the nail polishes, I realized I liked a much lighter pink shade, Vanity Forest, much more. Since I wanted to purchase only one bottle of nail polish, I decided to purchase Vanity Forest instead of Ballet Slippers.

After painting my nails for the first time, I found after two coats of Vanity Forest is not as opaque as my other pink colored nail polishes, which I love. Even though it’s not as opaque as I’m used to, it is opaque enough to cover my nails with a clear, consistent color.

I’m very happy I picked up Vanity Forest. In addition to being very light ice pink color, it has little flecks of silver in the pink. It’s a very subtle sheen, but I love it. I still have plans to pick up a bottle of Ballet Slippers in the future, but for now I’m happy with my bottle of Vanity Forest.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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