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Yyes Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Nuit Blanche Review

During Sephora’s spring 2018 VIB sale, I picked up a bottle of Yyes Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Nuit Blanche. It was an impulse purchase that, at that time, I was afraid I would later regret. Despite my reservations about making an expensive fragrance an impulse purchase, I was so in love with the scent I decided to try it anyway.

Since it’s been a year since I picked up Nuit Blanche, I wanted to write about my experience wearing it as well as if I liked it or if I regret my impulse purchase.Even though I wanted to try the fragrance as soon as I could, I was unable to due to seasonal allergies as well as allergies caused by the area I live in. As much as I love fragrances, taking care of my allergies comes first, so I delayed testing Nuit Blanche. Between the time I purchased Nuit Blanche and began testing it, I started to do some research on the fragrance notes.

When I purchased Nuit Blanche, I never tried it before nor did I do any sort of research into what notes the fragrance had. Nuit Blanche is different than any other fragrance I was (and still am) attracted to. Black Opium Nuit Blanche is classified as a warm and spicy fragrance. Normally I like floral and citrus fragrances and find warm and spicy fragrances too heavy and almost always aggravates my allergies. Usually I can tell right away that a fragrance will be wrong for my allergies after the first sniff, but this was not the case with Nuit Blanche.

The fragrance notes for Nuit Blanche are:

  • Top Notes – Pink pepper, basmati rice
  • Mid Notes – Orange blossom, peony accord
  • Base Notes – Vanilla, coffee, white musks, sandalwood essence, almond milk

I normally avoid any fragrance with musks because they are usually the most likely to aggravate my allergies, but, since I did not look up the fragrance notes before I purchased Nuit Blanche, I was worried about how I would like the fragrance as well as if it will aggravate my allergies.

After wearing it multiple times, I am happy to report my allergies are fine and the musk fragrance did not effect them. Also, I really love Nuit Blanche. It is different than any fragrance I normally love to buy and wear, but it is now one of my favorite fragrances. Also, I discovered my body’s oils blend well with the fragrance, making have a sweeter scent than it normally does. My body’s oils gives any body care product with a scent to it a sweeter scent, but the sweet scent can sometimes conflict with the original fragrance and make it smell pretty bad. But when it comes to Nuit Blanche, the fragrance smells very nice with my body’s sweet smelling oils.

I’m very happy with Yyes Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Nuit Blanche and I would recommend anyone curious about the scent to try it!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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