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2018 Holiday Shop With Me- Dillard’s

Earlier this week, I wrote a shop with me post about a shopping trip I took last week to JcPenny’s and Dillard’s. Since I had so many photos to post, I decided to split the store into two separate posts. Today’s post is about my trip to Dillard’s

Like with my JcPenny’s shop with me, I will not be including a haul from this shopping trip because of time constraints.

After shopping at JcPenny’s I went to Dillard’s. Dillard’s had Christmas decor and ornaments I wanted to browse before they went on sale and sold out. The day I went, the store had a special event for invited customers so I did not take a large amount of photos while I was at Dillards, but I did take more photos than I care to admit of the handbag section.

The handbag section is located beside the home decor section, so I looked at the section as I walked buy. It’s been a while since I went to this particular Dillard’s store, so I was extremely surprised to see there was a new section in the store dedicated to selling vintage designer handbags.

Actually, the handbags in this section are luxury handbags. The brands I could see in the section was Louis Vuitton…

And Prada…

I was so stunned to find so many luxury brand handbags that I admired right there in front of me. Yes, they are vintage and I could tell some of them was used, but still. There they were. And, because they had cords on the bags, you could pick them up and try them on.

I even saw my dream bag, the Louis Vuitton Speedy…

Yes, it was in a larger size that I would like, but after seeing it in person I knew with 100% certainty I want it.

In addition to the speedy, I saw two variations of the logo that I saw and wanted since I was a teenager…

I even saw a Louis Vuitton bag that had a label that dates it from 1996…

Although I did not buy any of the bags, I am very happy I was able to see and touch the bags and know for certain which ones I want and in what style. I feel extremely optimistic about one day owning my own Louis Vuitton handbag and even finding a bag similar to the ones I wanted when I was a teen.

After I fan girled over the handbags, I went to the home decor section and began shopping for the ornaments and Christmas figurines I wanted.

The figurines and ornaments I wanted to browse the most was the Trail of the Painted Horses figurines and horses. I have admired and collected Painted Horse figurines infrequently for over 10 years. Every holiday season, Dillard’s always has Painted Horses for sale, so I like to browse them and see if there are any I like and want to purchase.

I did find a horse I liked, but the store did not have the figurine out for sale. They did have the ornament for sale, so I purchased that one instead.

After that, I browsed the rest of the holiday section of the store. Along the way, I found this nativity set and, as you can probably tell by the sign beside the set, it was 30% off.

I really liked the angels in the display. Not only were they beautiful from the front, the back was beautiful as well…

And finally, they had two reindeer for sale…

Even though I liked these reindeer, I wanted a different reindeer figurine. The Dillard’s did not have one so I was unable to purchase it.

Well, that’s all I have to show you! Thank you for reading!

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