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5 Favorite Fall/Winter Trends for 2018

Fall is already here and it’s time to go shopping for new clothes in current trends. Although I don’t know if I’ll shop for current tend pieces, there are trends that I really love and might invest in. I narrowed down my five of my favorite trends for fall/winter 2018 and wanted to share them with you.

Before I begin this post, I wanted to add I am not receiving compensation for suggesting certain clothing or items. Everything I mention in this post is an item I found to use as an example for my post and can be found as of October 2018.


This year, plaid is not going out of style and I’m happy about it. Unlike last year, the plaid trend for this year is a throwback to Clueless and the 1990’s. Although I think some of the trendy plaid is either too loud for my taste or the colors do not suit my skin’s undertone, the muted and additional plaid colors are still popular.

An example of a plaid color I would wear is seen in this $108.00 USD Free People Juniper Ridge Western Inspired Plaid Button Down Shirt.

Menswear Inspired

The next trend I love for fall/winter 2018 is menswear inspired clothing. I’m so happy this is a trend because I’m currently on the hunt for new business wear and find some of the clothing can be repetitive and uninspiring. The menswear inspired clothing adds a little variety to business wear that I love including patterned fabric for blazers and blazers that have lapels that are different than I normally see in women’s wear.

An example of a menswear inspired blazer that I would love to own is this $139.00 Gianni Bini Jemma Houndstooth Plaid Shawl Neckline Coordinating Jacket.

Pleated Skirts

I’m so happy to see pleated skirts are in style this year. I love pleated skirt for fall, but I can’t seem to find pleated skirts readily available where I live. Now that pleated skirts is in, I can find them easier.

Pleated skirts can be found in different style, but it can be incorporated into dresses. One of my favorites is this $178.00 Maggy London Tie Neck Menswear Plaid Printed Pleated Dress.

Prairie & 1970’s Look

Ok, I admit. The 1970’s is not my favorite fashion decade, but there are certain elements about the fashion from that decade I do love. Mary Tyler Moore’s wardrobe from her TV show is an example of the kind of fashion I love from the 70’s. But for fall/winter 2018, I like the romantic, flowing dresses and lace and pintuck details in shirts and blouses.

This $88.00 Chelsea & Violet Embroidered Lace Pinktuck Prairie Button Front Top is an example of what I love about the prairie and 1970’s look for this season.


My final favorite trend is tweed, specifically jackets that are Chanel inspired. The cost of Chanel’s tweed jackets are not in the budget of the average person, so I love to find tweed jackets in a similar style to the Chanel ones.

The only complaint I have about the tweed trend is that tweed has wool in it… and I have a wool sensitivity. So, when I look for tweed, I need to look for twee without wool in it.

A tweed jacket that is a Chanel inspired look in it is this $129.00 USD Bagatelle Collarless Tweed Jacket. And the best part about the jacket is that it’s 100% polyester!

Well, that’s all for now! What’s you favorite fall/winter trends for 2018? Do you love any trends you love but are not on my list?

Thank you for reading!

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