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Marshall’s Haul July 2018- Part 2

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, I talked about a haul from Marshall’s that included a Kate Spade fragrance. Today’s post, I wanted to talk about what I purchased in a second trip to Marshall’s in July 2018.

The first item I purchased was a Kate Spade picture frame…

As you can see, the frame was in the clearance section. I had my eye on this frame for a few weeks prior to buying it, but I didn’t need a picture frame at that moment. When I found the frame in the clearance section, I decided to buy it.

The next item I purchased was a set of passport holders…

I always wanted to travel outside of the United States, but I never had the money to go. Even though I still do not have the money to travel very far, I decided to purchase this set of passport holders as a way to encourage myself to not give up hope that I will travel one day.

The last item I purchased was a gift set of Philosophy fragrances…

The fragrances in the gift set are Loveswift, Live Joyously, Amazing Grace, and Fresh Cream. I purchased these fragrances because I was curious about what other Philosophy fragrances smelled like and how they wore. So far I really love all the fragrances and do not have a favorite, but I hope to write a review of what I think of all the fragrances in the future.

Well, that’s all for now! I’m hope you enjoy this post! Thank you for reading!

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