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Marshall’s Haul July 2018- Part 1

Last week I talked about two fragrances I purchased at my nearest Marshall’s in July. Finding the Kate Spade and Burberry fragrances made me want to see if the Marshall’s had other fragrances that I would like. While on a shopping trip to Marshall’s to find a pair of sunglasses to replace one that broke, I found another fragrance I would like to try.The fragrance I found is Kate Spade’s Live Colorfully…

After finding the previous Kate Spade fragrance Walk on Air, I was surprised to find not only another Kate Spade fragrance, but a different scent as well. As of this post, I still have yet to open the box, but I am excited to try it.

Although I was happy to find the Kate Spade fragrance, I also found purchased a pair of Oscar by Ocscar de la Renta sunglasses..

I went to Marshall’s with the intention of looking for sunglasses, and I’m so happy I found a pair! I’m far sighted so I need prescription sunglasses in order to see, but my far farsightedness is not very bad. Because of this, when I’m outside and do not need to see far distances, like I would if I would be driving, then I like to use nonprescription sunglasses. I had a favorite pair of sunglasses from Target that I used until on of the ear pieces broke. I though about gluing it back together, but after three years of use, the coating on the lenses are scratched off in places. So, I decided to just find a new pair.

I was very surprised by the selection of sunglasses Marshall’s had when I shopped and, even though I was tempted to buy three pairs of sunglasses, I decided to just buy one. The Oscar de la Renta sunglasses looked the most like my old Target pair, so I purchased them.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you so much for reading!

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