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5 Goals for December 2018 & Blogmas Begins

Today is December 1st and it is also the first day of Blogmas! I never participated in Blogmas before, mostly because I was too busy to write a lot of posts. This year, I was able to schedule and plan ahead so I could participate in Blogmas! Also, I plan on participating for 31 days instead of 25. I hope I can keep up the post pace while working my day job!

For the first post of blogmas, I decided to list five goals I want to accomplish before December 2018. Most of the goals are part of my Christmas bucket list I did not do because of health complications that developed in late November. Since I’m feeling much better and my health has improved a great deal, I wanted to add them to this list as motivation to check them off my bucket list.

Donate Toys


Donating toys is something I’ve had on my Christmas bucket list for a few years but when I discover that there is a local business that has donation drive, I never purchase toys soon enough to donate the toys before the drive is over. This year, I hope to change that. I’m unsure what toys I want to donate and where, but it is something I want to do this month.

Go Shopping for After Christmas Deals


Just like anyone, I love a good deal and, since Christmas is very expensive, I love finding deals on Christmas decorations. I always go shopping after Christmas for decorations because it’s the best time to find them on sale, but this year I want to focus on finding wrapping paper and bows and ribbons. Even though I have enough for this Christmas, I believe I will need more for next year. Also, I like to use the after Christmas sales to stock up on wrapping paper that can be used for wrapping other gifts, such as birthday presents.

Go To a Holiday Event


Last year, I did not go to any of the local holiday events. This year, I would like to go to at least one. Preferably an event with a light parade.

Look at Holiday Decorations in a Place I Don’t Normally Go


Last December, I had plans to go to malls and downtown areas I do not normally go to, but my health problems caused me to become tired very easily. Because of this, and that I did not have anyone available to go with me, I was unable to go anywhere new out of fear that I would become too tired to drive home. I am feeling much better now, so I want to go places and see the holiday decorations that I normally would not go to.

Watch a Holiday Movie/Special While they are NOT On TV


And finally, last year I did not watch holiday movies or specials even though I owned them on DVD. I blame it on my health problems making me disinterested in Christmas and depressed about nothing working out the way I wanted it to. Although I did not watch one of my holiday dvds, I did watch movies and holiday specials on TV. Even though it was fun to watch Holiday movies and specials on TV, I missed watching my favorite movies, which I did not get to see on TV because the channels I received did not air them. So, this year I want to watch the holiday movie and specials I love on DVD without worrying about if and when they will be on TV.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading and I hope to see you tomorrow for Blogmas day 2!

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