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Neutrogena Product Haul- May 2018

Last month, I need to stock up on some beauty supplies. Along with the make up and other beauty products, I stocked up on some Neutrogena products I needed. All the items in this haul are from Target and I purchased them during a beauty product and sunscreen sale.The first item I bought is Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer sunscreen…

I really love this sunscreen. It’s not only SPF 100, it also wears very well and really does have a light weight feel to it. I’ve mentioned how much I love this sunscreen in a previous post, but I wanted to mention how much I love it again.

The second item I bought is Hydro Boost Water Gel…

Although I’m at an age when I need to focus on caring for my skin, I started to use this gel for something else: dark spots on my arms from too much sun exposure. I read online that hyaluronic acid can be used to help the skin heal the dark spots and undo some sun damage, so I decided to give it a try. After months of using it on and off, I found that it does help with the dark spots, but any sort of results are slow in coming and can be undone easily by not wearing sunscreen. Even though the gel is not an immediate remedy for dark spots, I still use it occasionally to encourage my skin to heal from sun damage.

Another Neutrogena item I bought is another hyaluronic acid gel, this time for the eyes…

Like with my arms, I have some freckles around my face and eye area from too much sun and not protecting them enough. I did not want to use the Hydro Boost gel around my eyes because it was bothered me, so I decided to give this gel a try. So far it works on my skin as well as the Hydro Boost gel on my arms and I’m very happy with it.

The last Neutrogena item I bought is Hydro Boost mask…

I bought this because I needed to buy something to earn me savings at Target. I never bought a hyaluronic acid face mask, so I bought one to try it out. As of this post, I have yet to try it out. I think with all the hyaluronic acid I used on my skin I need to give it a break, so I’m waiting a little while to use the mask.

Well, that’s all I have to show you! I hope you enjoyed my haul!

Thank you for reading!

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