Black Friday 2017 Haul- Target

Last week was Thanksgiving and Black Friday and, even though it’s the week after, I wanted to talk about what I bought on sale or while I was shopping.

The first place I shopped at is Target. I didn’t buy a lot of things in the Black Friday sale, but I still needed everything I bought. So, I’m happy with my haul.

The first things I bought are Christmas present bags and a gift box. The gift bags are from the Dollar Stop. The first one cost $1 USD…

As was the others. The other gift bags are in a two pack. One has snowflakes on it…

The second one says “Let it Snow” and has glitter on it…

As for the gift box, I bought it not to be used for a present (Unless I buy one that can fit inside of it) but for decoration.

Even though I like the look of marble, I don’t like to buy things with a marble design on it. I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t appeal to me. Despite this, I like the way the marble lid looked with the gold ribbon and tag. So, I bought it!

The next item I bought is this navy blue embroidered cottory skirt…

I’m trying to wear skirts more and, even though I searched for new skirts during Black Friday sales, I didn’t find any skirts that I liked or was in my size. Even though this skirt was not on sale, I liked it and my size was in stock.

Another clothing item I bought was this sweater…

I wanted to wear this sweater with leggings, but the size that would fit me best was too short for my liking. So, I bought it two sizes larger than I should’ve bought it so it will be long enough.

The only thing I bought in this haul that was on sale during the Black Friday sale is Lindsey Stirling’s Christmas CD, Warmer in the Winter…

I really love Lindsey’s music and when I found out Target had a sale on her CD, I made a point to buy it. CDs that are sold at Target usually have extra songs and Target’s exclusive version of Warmer in the Winter has two extra songs. I have yet to listen to the whole album, but I really enjoy listing to it so far!

That’s all I bought at Target! I shopped at other stores on Black Friday, but I will talk about them and my hauls from those stores in other posts.

Thank you for reading!


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