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A Few More Thoughts on Allergies and Making My Own Food

Over a week, I wrote a post about making my own bread due to my allergy to an ingredient commonly put into breads I normally eat these days. Since then, I started to wonder if there are other foods with my allergies in them. While on a recent shopping trip, I decided to look around at the baked goods at the store I normally eat to see if they contain my soy food allergy.

After walking around the store, I felt really disappointed with the foods! So many of them contained soy! Even though I have a tolerance to soy, and if I eat soy oil is within a certain amount of time after it was created, I noticed I am still suffering from allergic reaction symptoms. After discovering so many foods I normally eat have soy in them, I felt disappointed and discouraged.

For many years, I wondered if should start making my own food. I knew this was a major possibility due to how my non food allergies affect me. At that time, I found many premade foods I could still eat because it didn’t contain ingredients I’m allergic to. All these years, it wasn’t a problem. Today, it is.

I do know how to cook and I enjoy it. Many years ago, it was a very hard burden on me to cook everything from scratch. Today, it still is. Yet, I know that if I want to eat the foods I both want to eat and need to, I need to start taking time to cook things from scratch.

Out of the many foods I buy, I was the most surprised to find the crackers I like to buy have soy in them. I already knew gram crackers has soy in it, but I was surprised to find all the types of crackers I tend to buy whenever I wanted to eat crackers! So, right now, along with making my own bread, I am also considering making myself scratch made graham crackers. (I want to use them in cheese cakes)

Even though I want to buy food for the convince, I cannot. The ingredients list is changing too rapidly for readily available foods. Also, finding foods without soy or other ingredients I’m allergic to is becoming very difficult. So, for the good of my own health, I will need to start doing more research into recipes and decide if I should proceed in attempting to make a scratch, at home version of it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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