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Life Update Post for July 2023- Work, House, and Vehicle Stuff

It’s almost the end of the month and so far nothing has gone as I planned. I had some major plans for the rest of month I felt so frustrated by it I debated if I wanted to write any more posts this month. Even though I was frustrated, I still want to write some more posts to end out the month. The first post is a life update!

A lot of things happened in my life this past month, but I decided to focus on all the things I want and feel comfortable talking about online. Even though I could add more topics and discuss them in this post, I quickly realized I was very long winded with just three topics! So, I focused on the major “internet worthy” topics and omitted anything I don’t think should be added into a post!

Work Stuff

So far everything in my day job (AKA the job I work that isn’t blog related) is doing ok. I’ve been really busy, but other than that things are pretty good. That being said, I have been struggling with a few things at work. The only one I feel comfortable talking about online how, when, and if I should talk about my job online. I like my day job a lot and want to talk about it or reference it in posts. I come up with good post ideas about it, yet I don’t think it would be good idea to do so.

Right now I’m worried about several elements of my job as well as how private I need to be about it. This is why I struggle to talk about it online. I had this problem many years ago when I was a teenager and into my early twenties. Many people were unhappy about my job prospects because I never mentioned having a job to them or online in any way, shape, or form. It also didn’t help they didn’t bother to ask me online or in person if I actually had a job either. I translated this into a lack of interest in my personal life, career, and me in general. Despite this, they were more than happy to voice their criticism as well as their comparison of my life to their or someone else.

Ever since then I struggled with the need to validate my career choices online. I don’t need nor want to share my career choices online unless it deals with my social media or is safe to share online. I don’t understand why those people felt the way they did and the pain from that time still stings me badly. Especially when I think about searching for a second job to fill any free time I may have. I have to face it. I hate it when people demand I have to validate myself online with proof! If they don’t do it, and this is about my life anyway, then why should I bother with talking about something I would rather keep private?!



My house needs work… and I’m pretty embarrassed because of it. It is an older home (Built in the 1980’s) and it needs work. Due to concerns for privacy, and how embarrassed I feel because of it, I won’t go into details about what is going on with it. I will say I am very familiar with the house because it is a relative’s house and I remember why many of the problems exist. (This is also why I feel embarrassed by the state the house is in!) Even though there are many things that need to be fixed, repaired, or just receive overall and very overdo maintenance, I decided to start working on the house myself. My plan is to fix as much of the house as I can until someone must be hired to finish the job. I am also planning on working each problem, one room at a time.

The first room I decided to fix is the bathroom. The most obvious problem is the walls needs a coat of paint. Badly. Sadly, painting can only happen after I fix the number of problems with the walls. I need to fix holes in the walls from anything from old pin holes for calendars that used to hang in there to dry wall damage that happened many years ago. There are other things that need to be done before I paint, but I feel comfortable talking about the paint and dry wall problems online. So far everything is going well. I recently had to stop work because I ran out of supplies to fix everything. I plan on returning to work on it either by the end of this week or next week.



Well, my new vehicle has been interesting. It still works, but there is a part on it that is currently failing. Sadly, it is a new part that is defective. So, eventually it will need to be fixed again. Other problems with the vehicle have been fixed and are no longer an issue. I do need to deep clean it though. Even though the vehicle has been in my possession for almost two years, recent searching of the vehicle has turned up a dime, a quarter, $1 bill, and a drafter style mechanical pencil. None of them are mine and were left by the previous owner. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t expecting that! I want to clean my vehicle more after the temperatures cool off more.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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