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20 Days of Spring Cleaning 2023- Day 4

Day 4 was a Saturday. It was also a day off for me. So, I planned day for me to resume deep cleaning and organizing. Unfortunately, I spent some of the morning in bed, sick with a virus I thought I healed from, but didn’t. Also, the added stress from heavy lifting didn’t help me either. I did feel good enough to get up and run errands by mid morning, but I didn’t feel great all day long. (The virus could also have been some allergies I was struggling with. I didn’t feel good enough to try to figure it out.)

Still, I tried to distract myself from how bad I felt by thinking about cleaning. There are many drawers with shelf liners, but many of them are old and are showing their age. Others don’t look like good quality liners either. So, I decided to sneak off to Walmart and see what they had to offer in shelf liners.

After fighting huge Saturday morning crowds, and the urge to buy my relative Girl Scout Cookies, I purchased two types of shelf liners. The first liner is a padded one. I wanted to buy one to put under skins in the kitchen and bathroom. They will be easier to clean, is waterproof, and will provide a great layer of protection if something stored in the area tips over and leaks. The second is a self adhesive liner. I don’t like using these kind of liners because I don’t like their adhesive. The one I purchased is advertised to be “easy to remove”, but I don’t want to risk it. Yet, I still need this type of liner. It will be great to use in drawers and on sleeves I don’t need to protect with a waterproof liner.

Once I got home, I checked the liner size and found the padded liner would be able to fit underneath the bathroom sink perfectly. There could be enough to start under the kitchen sink, but I’m not completely sure. There is plenty of the adhesive liner to use most, if not all, the drawers in the house that need it. I could also use it on shelves. It won’t cover all the shelves, but it does give me a great head start. The liner comes with a paper backing to prevent sticking to anything by accident. This makes me extremely happy because I don’t plan on sticking the liner anywhere.

Aside from the shelf liners, I also put away all the beauty products I don’t need. I did move some of the backup products to an easier to reach location. I realized I almost finished the bottles, jars, ect. of them so I’d need to reach for them sooner than I anticipated. Moving them somewhere I can reach easier isn’t the most “organized” idea, but it is logical for me right now.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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