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Morphe The More The Merrier Brush Set Review

Morphe’s holiday collection is a must shop for me and this year I found two items I wanted: The 35XS No Silent Nights eye shadow pallet and The More the Merrier eye brush set. When I went to look for both at my closest Ulta Beauty, the eye shadow pallet was sold out. Fortunately, the eye brush set was not. So, I purchased it as a self gift.

I wanted write a review post about the brush set, but I wanted to wait to publish the post until December for Blogmas. Well, it’s December and finally time for my review post!

Before I talk about my thoughts on the set, I wanted to show what the set looks like.

This is what the set looks like with the sleeve on it…

On the back of the sleeve is a list of everything in the set. Unfortunately, when I took a closeup photograph of the sleeve, my camera did not cooperate with me and only took blurry photographs.

This is what the bag the set comes with without the sleeve on it…

The zipper has Morphe’s logo on the zipper pull…

Inside the set are the brushes and a free gift: Quick Switch Dry Brush Cleaner…


The cleaner comes in a metal tin. This is what the cleaner looks like (Right) and the lid (Left)…

And here is a close up of the brush cleaner inside the tin…

And finally, here are the six eye brushes in the set…

The brushes that come in the set are as follows (The brush list is not accurate to the order the brushes are displayed in the photograph)….

  • H1 Brow Bone Highlighter Brush
  • H2 Smudging Eyeshadow Brush
  • H3 Crease Detail Brush
  • H4Pointed Blender Brush
  • H5 Tapered Blender Brush
  • H6 Eyeliner Detail Brush

The brush bristles are very soft, yet stiff enough to work extremely well as eye brushes. The brushes are not sparse on hair. Instead, they are packed with hair. The shafts are metal and fell like they will last a long time. The brush handles feel like high quality and are thin enough to easily hold, but are not too thin to cause control issues.

I am very happy with this set! The brushes work extremely well and are very high quality. I highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a gift for a makeup lover, a Morphe fan, and/or anyone who wants to own a high quality eye brush set without a high cost.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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