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Ulta Beauty Haul- October 2022

Earlier this month, I decided to go shopping at Ulta Beauty. I needed beauty products that are unavailable anywhere else in my area. Unfortunately, the Ulta Beauty store I shopped at didn’t have them either. Instead, I wandered around the store until I found three beauty products I wanted.

Even though I purchased three beauty products, I wanted to talk about them in a post. I am very happy I purchased them and cannot wait to start using them!

The first item I purchased is the Morphe The More The Merrier Brush Set…

The set contains six eye brushes. The set is also part of Morphe’s 2022 holiday collection. I wanted and needed new eye brushes for a few years, but I never considered buying new brushes until I saw this set. I am very happy to own them!

The next item I purchased is the Morphe x Lisa Frank Blend Bright Brush Set…

I was very surprised the Ulta Beauty I shopped at had the brush set available! They didn’t have very many Lisa Frank collaboration products available for purchase, but they did have a handful. This brush set is one of them. Ever since I saw the Morphe x Lisa Frank collaboration collection for the first time, I debated if I wanted to purchase anything from it. I finally settled on the brush set, but only if I saw it in an Ulta Beauty store. When I saw the set available in store, I picked it up.

The final item I purchased is the Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer…

I never owned a Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer, but I have used one before. (Long story short, my friend let me use her hand sanitizer) After using it for the first time, I knew I would like to own one. I have plenty of hand sanitizer from the height of the pandemic, so I wanted to wait until I used up some of my own sanitizers before I purchased a new one.

While waiting in the checkout lane at Ulta Beauty, I saw they had them for sale. Even though I still have enough hand sanitizer, I decided to purchase one anyway. The one I purchased is in the scent Wild Watermelon.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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