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5 Types of Clothing I Love But Don’t Look Good on Me

Every August, I look for new clothes to wear during the fall and winter. I’m lucky to live in a warm climate, so our fall and winters are mild. Despite this, there have been times when cold snaps happen and I need to drag out my heavy winter clothes. This is why I like to look for new clothes starting in July and August to purchase.

This year, my health has improved a great deal, which means I could find clothes that look good on me. Usually, I purchase clothes with the intention of hiding something on my body that is a health problem. Even though I should be happy about this, inflation and less clothing available in the area where I normally shop had made this a very upsetting time for me to shop for new clothes. Despite this, I still want to search.

While searching for new clothes and outfit inspiration, I realized I love outfits with clothes I cannot wear. Many years have passed since I was diagnosed with my illness. In that time, I forgot many of the outfits I love to look at will never look good on me. It is not because of my health problems. It is because the shape of my body does not look good in these clothes.

Since this a topic I thought about a lot lately, and loved to focus on because it releases my stress from other things that are going on in my life, I decided to write a post about all the types of clothing I love to look at, but really don’t look good on me.

1950’s “New Look” Dresses

Ever since I was a girl, I love Dior’s late 1940’s/early 1950’s “New Look”. I always dreamed of wearing some sort of version of a New Look dress to prom and looked forward to wearing dresses like it when I became an adult. Many years and a handful of major heath issues later, I can honestly say the New Look does not look good on me! My body looks best in dresses with bodices without a straight waistline. The New Look is full of straight waistlines, so I don’t look good in them. On the other hand, I do look good in 1980’s does the 1950’s dresses!


Shirts with Short Sleeves

I can wear shirts with short sleeves, but there is a limit to how short the sleeve is. Cap sleeves look the worst on me. They make my arms look larger than they really are and my bust larger than I’d like it to be. I had muscles in my arms and a large chest already. Wearing a shirt that draws attention to them makes me feel very self conscious and, thanks to some run-ins with some creepy guys, it brings unwanted attention to the fact the top of my body is large enough as it is.


Ruched Bust Dresses

Like with the short sleeved shirts, ruched bust dresses make my bust look too big. I have worn them in the past and I didn’t look bad in them, so I think this is because I tried on too many dresses that are generally unflattering on people. Still, as cute as they are, they are not flattering on me.


Skater Dresses

I went through a phase many years ago when I tried to wear skater dresses. Nearly all of them didn’t look good on me because of the waist line. Skater dresses have a straight waistline with a flared skirt. This style of dress does not look good on me. There have been a few dresses that I purchased that looked good on me, but generally speaking I avoid them.


High Waisted Dresses

When I was a teenager, and healthier, I loved high waisted dresses. To me, they reminded me of Regency era clothing and of Jane Austen books. I was also smaller both in bust size and height. Today, I think I can still pull off wearing high waisted dresses, but not every single one. Certain dresses make me look pregnant (A common problem with high waisted dress) or make me look just bad. Also, it draws attention to my bust, which I don’t actually like. I like to keep my silhouette more slender looking and soften the curves on my body. High waisted dresses can do what I want them to, but generally speaking the time when I can wear any high waisted dress is over.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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