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Ulta Beauty Haul- July 2022

Last month, I decided to go shopping at Ulta Beauty for some new beauty items. I needed a few items that I knew Ulta Beauty would sell, but the Ulta Beauty I shopped at didn’t have them for sale. Instead, I looked around the store to see what is new and if there was anything I would like to purchase instead. I did find a few items that I either wanted, needed, or wanted to buy but never got around to purchasing it. I’m very excited about my purchases, so I decided to write a post about what I bought and why.

The first two items I purchased is two tubes of Smashbox’s Be Legendary lipsticks. The first is in the color Stylist…

The second is in the color Literal Queen…

On the day I went shopping at Ulta Beauty, they had a selection of their lipsticks on sale. It was National Lipstick Day that week, so Ulta Beauty put some of their lipsticks on sale. Some of the lipsticks were buy one, get one free while others were 40% off regular price. These two Smashbox lipsticks were in the 40% off sale.

I wanted to buy a Smashbox lipstick for years, but I never felt motivated to purchase one. When I saw these lipsticks on sale, I knew it was a great opportunity to buy not one, but two Smashbox lipsticks for a good price.

The next items I purchased are two Ulta Beauty brand nail files with travel cases…

I needed a new nail file for quite a while. I tired to purchase once from Walmart, but every time I looked, they were sold out. These two nail files come in travel cases and cost $2 USD a piece. I loved the price, and the traveling case, so I purchased two files: One for current use and one to use once the first file wears out.

The last item I purchased is a bottle of Caroline Herrera’s fragrance, Very Good Girl Glam…

On the day I went to Ulta Beauty, they had a promotion for certain brands of fragrances. I saw this fragrance was available only at Ulta Beauty, so I decided to try it in store and see if I liked it. I loved the scent, so I purchased a bottle of it. At the time, I wanted to find another fragrance to replace one of my old favorite fall and winter fragrances that has been discontinued, so I decided to buy it while there was a promotion for it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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