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A Post Dedicated to Talking About Things That Are Bothering Me Right Now- May 2022

I’m not going to lie, I have a lot of things floating around in my mind. Also, I feel like I need to “talk” about some of those things online to keep my posts from being “materialistic” or focused on beauty, makeup, and anything that isn’t as important as current events. I held off talking about them on social media, but not talking about them is causing a writer’s block. So, to help me get out of my writer’s block, and also allow me to talk about things that are more serious than beauty and lifestyle, I want to talk about a handful of things that are bothering me right now.

The things I’m talking about in this post are not meant to be a complaint, but some may come across as that. Also, I don’t want to use this post as a place to talk about my life and how bad it is. My life is currently in a season of change and I’m not sure how long it will last or what the change will lead towards. Despite this, I’m happy and grateful for my life and the blessings in it. Still, I want to talk about the things that are bothering me in one more pessimistic themed post just to get it out of my system and out of my mind once and for all.

Vehicle Problems

So, I have vehicle problems. To recap, I got into an accident last August. The only vehicle damaged was mine, but it needed body work. Other than that it could still be driven without problems. (It just didn’t look as pretty as it used to!) The vehicle was small, so after two accidents (The first one happened in 2015) it was time to find a larger vehicle. Months later, I have a larger vehicle that I love, but it doesn’t run right now. When it was purchased, it did run, but something happened to it a few months ago that made it malfunction and make it not start.

Ever since then, I’ve been driving a borrowed vehicle from one of my relatives. This was fine, until recently. That’s when the vehicle began to have problems of it’s own. I was generously loaned another vehicle by someone else, but that one is also having problems. None of these problems are caused by my driving, but I’m feeling pretty down about driving. I know I’m going through a phase in my life when I just don’t have a vehicle and can’t go anywhere I want to whenever I want to, but the financial cost of these vehicle problems has been weighing heavy on my mind and makes me feel depressed.


Allergy Struggles

It’s that time of the year when everyone is suffering from allergies, but this year has been really hard on people I know. I wish I could help them more, but my year round and constant allergies cause me to limit the amount of help I can give. I’m also feeling frustrated with my allergies because I don’t have a vehicle to drive. I used to drive to areas where my allergies would be better, spend ten to a few hours there, then come home. It always helped me feel better, but now that I don’t have a vehicle, I can’t escape my allergies unless I say inside all the time. Despite my allergies, I enjoy going outdoors and hiking, but can’t anymore.


Home Hunting Problems

I live in Arizona, which is in a drought. I want to move from my current residence, but I don’t know where to go. I do know I need to move out of state, but the state I know has work for me is also in a drought and has major restrictions on water use. I could move to a different state with more water available, but I don’t know if the work will be available there. So, I’m feeling really stuck about where I should live and work. I don’t want to move somewhere I can be wasteful with water, although having a green grassy lawn and plenty of water to grow a garden is a luxury I’d love to have, but I do need to seriously think about this. A house is a major investment and, if I can’t stay in an area for a long time due to work, it’s just not worth buying a home to live in.


War in Ukraine

I won’t talk much about it except it makes me sad to hear about it and any updates about it. Very very very sad indeed.


Politics and People Harassing Others Due to Politics

This is not something that happened recently, but recent events made me remember a time when someone used their social media account to harassed someone about their stance on politics. The worst part is the harasser did this on assumed, rumored political stance instead of on facts. This is why I don’t like talking about my political views on social media or to anyone I don’t know very well. I am so tired to people using politics as a way to harass people they don’t like, which was the case in my story. When the leaked documents for the supreme court’s ruling about Roe vs Wade was published, it reminded me of this story… and why I don’t talk about my politics online. I know I probably look like I “don’t care” about this, but I do. I just go about it in other ways than making a few tweets or social media post to get my feelings out.


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial

I really don’t care about celebrity gossip (Blame it on social media handing it to me on a silver platter even if I didn’t ask for it) but the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial seems to be the celebrity gossip that I can’t escape. From Twitter to YouTube, its all around me. And I don’t like it. It’s a sad situation that upsets me (And probably many others) but I don’t want to hear about it All. The. Time. The media coverage gets on my nerves and isn’t something I was not and still am not interested in hearing about or following in any way shape or form.


Well, that’s all for now!

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