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Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance Review

Back in 2004, fashion house Viktor and Rolf released their first fragrance. The fragrance, Flowerbomb, was the first in a serious of perfumes the fashion house released. Back in the 2000’s, I herd of the perfume and wanted to try it. It wasn’t until the late 2000’s when I got to try the fragrance. I fell in love with it and it became one of my favorite fragrances. In the early 2010’s, my bottle of Flowerbomb was empty and, even though I wanted to purchase another bottle, I never got around to it. In 2018, I decided to repurchase Flowerbomb again and add it to my fragrance collection again.

Valentine’s Day is coming very quickly and, since fragrances are very popular as gifts and to wear on dates, I wanted to write a review about one of my oldest signature fragrances.

The Flowerbomb fragrance out of the box looks like this…

Sephora’s website describes the bottle as…

The instantly recognizable grenade fragrance bottle displays the soft-pink hue of the floral women’s perfume within, contrasting the harsh shape with a distinctly feminine scent encapsulated within.

The fragrance notes are…

Top Notes: Cattleya orchid, freesia, centifolia rose

Middle Notes: Sambac jasmine, India osmanthus

Base Notes: Patchouli, vanilla

The fragrance family is Warm and Spicy and comes in an eau de parfume only.

I really loved this fragrance. It was a perfect combination of feminine floral scents without any musk or wood scents. I also really loved the way it smelled with my body’s oils back then. I loved it so much that my friends called it my signature fragrance.

Even though I was a huge fan of Flowerbomb back in the late 2000’s, people’s scent preferences sometimes change and so do oils in their skin. So, do I like Flowerbomb in 2022?

I used Flowerbomb many times over the years and I love the scent of it. It’s a perfect winter time fragrance. It’s hard for me to find floral fragrances I love to wear in the winter, but this one is my old tried-and-true fragrance floral winter time fragrance. My favorite notes in the fragrance is the centifolia rose and vanilla. I love the way rose and vanilla smell on my skin.

Even though I love this fragrance, there is one major downside to it: It is a very powerful fragrance!

Even though the fragrance notes are floral fragrances, this fragrance does not smell powdery and is strong. For many people, one spray on each wrist is enough to last most of the day. For this reason, I cannot wear Flowerbomb when I’m in an area where my allergies are at their worst. Whenever my allergies are bad, I cannot use Flowerbomb because it is too strong and aggravates my allergies. Since my allergies are at their worst in specific areas, if I leave the area where my allergies are, I can wear Flowerbomb.

I highly recommend this fragrance to anyone looking for a floral scented fragrance that is strong, stays on the skin for many hours, and wants a floral scented fragrance that would be great for winter. Just be careful if you have allergies or you are sensitive to strong fragrances. It could bother you!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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