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Morphe 9X Li’l Extra Artistry Pallet Review

After purchasing the Morphe 35X Big Primin’ Artistry Pallet, I went back and forth if I should boy the accompanying pallet. This pallet, called the 9X Li’l Extra Artistry Pallet, is part of the 2021 holiday collection and has coordinating eye shadow colors to the 35X. After much debate, I decided to buy the pallet. Even though this pallet is sold out at my closest Ulta Beauty, and possibly at other Ulta Beauty stores, I wanted to write a review about it in case anyone finds it for sale.

The box the pallet comes in looks like this from the front…

And this is what it looks like from the back…

Here is the pallet outside of the box…

Finally, here is what the eye shadow colors look like and what they’re names are…


Like the Big Primin’ pallet, this pallet is part of Morphe’s 2021 holiday collection. The Li’l Extra pallet has the same design as the Big Primin’ pallet and the rest of the holiday collection. There are nine eye shadows in the pallet and the colors and shade are complementary to the ones found in the Big Primin’ pallet. Also, the colors come in both matte and metallic/glitter versions. There are four matte shades and five metallic/glitter shades. The metallic shades have very fine glitter flakes in them that will make the eye shadow have a shimmer but without the obvious look of glitter flakes. All the shades are very pigmented, easy to blend, and don’t have fall out.

Even though this pallet goes with the Big Primin’ pallet, you don’t need to own both pallets to use them. The Li’l Extras pallet colors are not coordinated as well as the Big Primin’ pallet and, when the eye shadow colors are looked at by themselves, they look odd. There are blending shades, but creating a day time look would be hard unless you like a bolder eye look. The colors in the pallet would work with other pallets besides the Big Primin’ pallet or any of Morphe’s pallets, but it depends on the pallet and the eye shadow colors in it.

Aside from the colors, the pallet has something the Big Primin’ pallet does not: A mirror. All the full sized Morphe pallets I own do not have a mirror in them. This makes the pallet different. Including a mirror in the pallet may not matter to some, but I am happy there is one in it. To me, it reinforces Morphe’s intention for the Li’l Extras pallet with the Big Primin’ pallet, which does not have a mirror.

I really like this little pallet. It costs less than the Big Primin’ pallet, which would make it a great pallet for someone who is budget conscious and wants to own a pallet from Morphe’s 2021 holiday collection. This pallet is also a great complimentary pallet to the Big Primin’ pallet. The only downside to buying this pallet is if the person who buys it does not have other eye shadow shades to go with it.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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