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5 Favorite Etsy Shops to Shop For Small Business Saturday-2021

Next Saturday is Small Business Saturday, a day when it is encouraged to shop small businesses. The day is always held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. In the spirit of encouraging shoppers to purchase items they may want from small businesses, I wanted to publish a post about some of my favorite small businesses I discovered on Etsy.

I really like shopping from small businesses on Etsy, so I have many favorite shops I would love to promote. Many of the store I shop from are for sewing, craft, and DIY, but over the past year I began to purchase more clothing and wall art from Etsy stores. In order to prevent making this post very long, I decided to limit my favorite Etsy shops to five. Even though I won’t mention every shop I love, I hope to encourage many people to shop their products and even purchase items from other small businesses, no matter if they are on Etsy or not. Also, I don’t know if any of the stores will have a Black Friday sale. Despite this, I like all the stores on this list so much I wanted to talk about them anyway.

Black Snail Patterns

Black Snail Patterns is a German based Etsy store that sells historical sewing patterns. The patterns are available in either a hard copy (Printed on paper) or as a digital download. (The patterns are in PDF form) I purchased the PDF form of the patterns and really love them. If you are not familiar working with PDF sewing patterns, the same pattern can be purchase in a printed form. Even though I purchased PDF sewing pattern only, I really like the option of purchasing a printed version from the shop. If you are looking for a historical pattern but don’t like what is available commercially, I highly recommend this pattern store.


Periwinkle Inc.

Periwinkle Inc is a shop that sells printable wall art and calendars. There are many designs to choose from, but my favorite printable is a quote from the movie The Princess Bride. I already purchased it and love it very much. There are also printable calendars, printable quotes from well known people, movies, and TV shows, and religious printables. (The religious printables are most suitable for the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS)) The printables come in a digital download with various sizes to choose from. Each copy of the printable is meant for a certain size in inches, making it easy to decide which file to choose to print. I really love this store and the designs of the printables. I highly suggest anyone interested in printable calendar and quotes as wall art (Or is a member of the LDS church) take a look at this store.


Petite Fleur Studios

Like Periwinkle Inc, Petite Fleur Studios is a shop that sells digital download printable wall art and calendars, except it is targeted to the Catholic faith. The store has recently expanded their collection to sell more than printable wall art, including mugs, apparel, blankets, mugs, and fine art photography. If you are Catholic, or would like to shop for a printable wall art inspired by Catholicism, please look at Petite Fleur Studios.


Choly Knight

Choly Knight is an Etsy store that sells digital downloadable PDF sewing patterns to make character items. The style of the patterns is anime and fantasy, so this would be a great store to buy sewing patterns from if you or someone you know is a fan of anime, fantasy, and items found in Japan. The items the sewing patterns make are focus on costume accessories such as hats and backpacks in the shape of animals as well as plushies, character hoodies, and embroidery files. I recently purchased a pattern to make a witch hat and love the sewing pattern. The instructions are extremely detailed. I’m still amazed by how thorough the instructions are. If you are looking for a PDF downloadable pattern for anything “geeky” with detailed instructions, then please look at Choly Knight.


For Home Atelier

For Home Atelier is a store I stumbled across while trying to search for linen fabric. The store not only sells linen fabric, but also apparel and accessories made out of linen as well as printable PDF sewing patterns. The style of the apparel and accessories is cottage core, but is also functional. I’m very happy I found this store and I recommend it to anyone looking for cottage core inspired fashion, sewing patterns, or anyone interested in buying linen by the yard.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

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