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Too Faced Holiday 2021 Christmas In the City Gift Set at Ulta Beauty

It’s the time of the year when beauty and make up brands release their holiday collections. One of brands with the most interesting and enjoyable packaging is Too Faced. I always love looking at their holiday themed packaging and really love the art featured on the packaging.

This year, Too Faced’s theme is Christmas in the City. The makeup is based off certain cities around the world and uses art inspired by the city’s popular and notable sites. I went to the closet Ulta Beauty to my home so I could look at the collection in person as well as take photographs of the in store displays for it. Since there are so many items in the collection, I decided to split the photographs into different posts dedicated to different products. This post is about the Christmas Around the World gift set.

The display for the pallet collection looked like this…

And the box for the set looks like this…

The set comes with three eye and face pallets and one travel size tube of Too Faced’s popular Better Than… mascara.

Despite continued worries and concerns about the pandemic, the Ulta Beauty I shopped at had tester pallets available to look at and swatch.

As you can probably see, nobody wanted to swatch the pallets in store. (I didn’t either) It was great to see product testers available again. I missed shopping for eye shadow pallets with testers. It made knowing exactly what you’re buying much easier.

The gift set comes with three pallets with different color combinations inspired by three cities. They also had their own unique scent.


The first pallet is inspired by Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and smells like Papaya. The colors in the pallet are described as “warm neutrals”.

The second pallet is inspired by Sidney, Australia and smells like fairy bread. The colors in the pallet are described as “sexy pops of color”.

And the third pallet is inspired by New York City and smells like New York Cheesecake. The colors in this pallet are described as “soft romantic pinks”.

The gift set costs $49 USD. I really enjoyed looking at the gift set. I didn’t try to smell the pallets (I wore a mask the day I went to Ulta Beauty due to allgeries in the area) but I would like to go back to Ulta Beauty and look at them again. I don’t know if I will buy them or another pallet in the holiday collection, but I am very interested in them.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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