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How I Am Doing This Allergy Season- Spring 2021

If you followed my blog for a while, you probably read me mention my allergies a few times in my posts. The reason why I talk about my allergies so frequently is due to the affect make up, skin care, and fragrances in general have on them. I have year around allergies cause by the natural plant vegetation, agriculture, and other naturally occurring things in the area. Even though I can manage them by taking an allergy pill, sometimes they get much worse due to the plants blossoming or something happening due to the agriculture in the area.

According to many new reports, this season is especially bad for allergies. I think this is confusing because I live in Arizona and Arizona is most defiantly lacking in the normal amount of yearly rain totals. Since there hasn’t been a lot of rain, I don’t know why there are so many blooms or where the plants got their water from. Still, I can see what the reports are talking about. Many plants are blooming here, which means allergy sufferers will be suffering.

I’m not sure how many of my readers will wonder how I’m doing and how my allergies are this spring, but I still wanted to write a post about my allergies, how bad they are, and how I’m dealing with them.

To be honest, I’m doing much better than I expected. I did struggle earlier this year, but I think I could’ve managed my allergies much better if I didn’t leave the door open so much. (I left it open to keep an eye on my dog Brownie. She was starting to near the end of her life and going to the bathroom was a struggle for her.) After I started closing the door more (After Brownie passed away) I started to feel much better.

I believe the reason why I’m doing better is due to my new attempts to take care of myself during allergy season. I’m using certain types of body washes and shampoos that help wash off the allergens whenever I’m outside or when I’m in an area where there are a lot of allergens. Also, I stopped walking outside. I love hiking and walking in the desert, but I have too many allergic reactions after them. In order to prevent this, I decided to continue my walking exercises in an indoor shopping mall. The mall I like to visit has very good filtration (The website of the mall says the filtration in the mall is hospital quality and was installed due to the pandemic) and I can feel the difference whenever I walk in the mall. It has been interesting to walk around and window shop at the mall. I am struggling to adapt my schedule to go to the mall frequently for my walks, but I’m managing to go at least once a week.

I’m not sure how well I’ll do as the allergy season continues, but I’m hopeful and optimistic about it. I just need to continue to take my allergy medication, take a shower every time I’m exposed to allergens for long periods of time, and walk at the mall. Then I think this allergy season will probably be the best allergy season I had in many years!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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