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5 Places to Go to I Don’t Miss During Quarantine

After missing going places due to the shut downs and quarantine due to Covid-19/Coronavirus, I tried to cheer myself up by thinking of all the places I don’t miss going to because of the shut downs. Although it was originally harder to think of places I don’t miss going to, I began to feel much better about not being able to go.

A Local Music Festival

Every year, there is a music festival that draws thousands of people to the town closest to where I live. Although they have a great time, I hate the traffic, the people driving badly, or the sudden run of normal foods such as milk and vegetables. I always make sure the days leading up the the festival to buy as much food that will last me until the festival is over. This year, the festival was canceled. Because of this, I didn’t need to worry about the traffic, the bad driving, the run on food, or even trouble finding an unoccupied gas pump at the gas station.


Shopping at the Mall

I like shopping, but I never liked the crowds at shopping malls. Also hate shopping during lunch time because I usually shop alone, and eat lunch alone. Because of this, I always made a point to avoid shopping in the afternoon or during busy times in general. Since the lock downs, I didn’t need to shop at the mall because they closed. They are now open where I live, but I am enjoying everyone’s more wary attitude towards large crowds, resulting in smaller crowds at the mall.


Family Reunions

It’s been years since I’ve been to a family reunion, but I am so happy if one was planned for this year, it’s canceled. I love certain people in my extended family, but there are many I don’t want to see for a variety of reasons. Using Covid-19/Coronavirus as an excuse to not attend a family reunion and call the family members I do want to ask if they would like a social distanced meeting.


The Doctor’s Office

Since the Covid-19/Coronavirus shut downs, my doctors wanted to meet me for appointments via video chat. I’m not upset about this because I need to travel a large distance to get to my specialists and now normal doctor. So, video chats are a welcome way to meet my doctors and talk to them about anything wrong with my health or health concerns I may have.


The Office

I work from home, but I occasionally need to travel to meet and talk with other employees of work. Since this is not allowed right now, I need to video chat with them. I’m happy about this because the fellow employees that I work with live far away from me, so traveling can be difficult for them as well as well as myself. So, requiring video chat meet ups instead of in person ones makes me happy. Even if it means I don’t get to see them in person as much.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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