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5 Events and Places to Go I Miss During Quarantine

The last time I went anywhere “fun” (Aside from the mall and grocery stores) was March, before lock downs and quarantines happened. I didn’t think too much about missing going places for fun due to the fact I was very nervous about my health, but now I can honestly say there are places I do miss going to and miss looking forward to attending or planning for. So, here are my top five events and places I miss going to during quarantine.

Arizona Renaissance Festival

The first place I miss going to is the Arizona Renaissance Festival. I felt unmotivated to go this year, but the weekend before it closed early due to quarantine orders I began to want to go badly. Now that it’s closed for the rest of the year, I’m very sad and wish I could go back badly. I hope it will be open in 2021, but I’m not sure.



I always look forward to parades, especially the ones held by the small towns within driving distance to where I live. Although things are business opening, I’m not sure if there will be any this year. Since the parades near where I live are usually held in the fall and winter, there could be a chance some towns will have parades anyway, but I don’t hold much hope just because I’m worried about everyone’s safety.


Concerts, Plays, and Musical Theater

I held back going to concerts, plays, and musical theater productions because of my health problems, but now that everything is closed I miss it more than ever before. I love attending professional concerts, plays, and musicals, but I actually miss going to high school and community college concerts and theater productions. High school and community college productions are what I held back attending the most and hoped I could start going to them this year. Since everything is closed, I’m unable to go and see anything this year.


Movies in the Movie Theater

Seeing movies in the movie theater wasn’t something I specifically enjoyed doing, but when all movie theaters closed I began to miss seeing movies in the theater. I also miss looking forward to new movies in the theater and, if I didn’t want to see it in the movie theater, the anticipation for it to come out on DVD.



One of the things I wanted to do this year was visit more museums. Since they closed due to Covid-19/Coronavirus and many are still closed to this day, I miss going to them and learning about the history of the area or the topic the museum focuses on.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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